If you are at Disney World this Friday, you will have the chance to get the most ambitious and promising game Disney Interactive has ever made two days before the rest of the world. Disney Infinity will be on sale at Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney starting August 16th, and from 4-9pm the creators of the game will be there to show off the game and to talk to fans.

If you don’t know yet, Disney Infinity is a brand new series of video games/toys that Disney touts as a connected interactive platform. Physical toy figures will interact with the main game, much like the popular Skylanders series. If you have the Syndrome figure and place him on the Disney Infinity game hub, you can play as him in the game. If you swap him out for Mr. Incredible, suddenly going from bad guy to good guy isn’t so hard.

Disney Infinity Figures - D23 Display

The starter pack retails for $74.95 and comes with three figures (Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sulley from Monsters Inc) and three playsets (The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Monsters University). Playsets are 6-7 hour open world game experiences. In playsets, you can only play with characters that are appropriate for the franchise. Additional playsets are being sold separately for Cars and The Lone Ranger. Those playsets come with two figures each, and retail for about $30. Figures by themselves are retailing for $12.95.

If you’re excited about this, I haven’t even gotten to the cool part yet. Disney Infinity features a Toy Box mode. This is a world creation tool. Players can draw from iconic structures from Disney Parks, Disney Films, and Disney television shows to create and play in completely custom worlds. Want to make a version of the Magic Kingdom where Spaceship Earth is right next to Cinderella Castle? You can do that. Want to recreate the Sugar Rush race from Wreck-It Ralph, but see if Lightning McQueen would win. You can totally do that too. Unlike the playsets, there’s no limit to what characters and items you can use in the Toy Box. There is also programming logic inside the Toy Box, so you can create your own games within the game. The Toy Box is Minecraft meets Disney, which makes this product extremely exciting for all ages.

Disney Infinity - Spaceship Earth - D23 Presentation

I had a chance to see a preview of Disney Infinity at D23, and it looks really great. The figures are well made, and the creation tools look simple enough to jump into, but deep enough to allow for creativity. They also just announced that there will be a free iPad app that will let you build and work on your Toy Boxes right on your tablet. The app will sync with Xbox, Wii U, and PS3. Disney Infinity is also coming out for the Wii and 3DS (the 3DS version will be more akin to Mario Party).

Are you going to check out Disney Infinity? Which figure/playset do you wish they would make? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook, or email me at [email protected].