Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote an article making 14 predictions for Disney World in 2014. I’m not an “insider.” I don’t have any sources at Imagineering. I don’t have a well-connected uncle from Orlando who really knows what’s up. However, I had a lot of fun speculating what would happen based off of available information, popular rumors, and my own gut instincts. So much fun that I’m now making these predictions a yearly tradition. But I’m not satisfied to just make wild speculation and leave it at that. To up the stakes a bit, each year I will revisit the previous year’s predictions and see what I got right and what I got terribly wrong.

So, how were my predictions for 2014?

I’m not factoring in the “Definitely Happening” predictions, because those four items had been previously announced by Disney. Naturally, all of those came to be.

Probably/Maybe Happening

Prediction: Paper Fastpass tickets are going away for good.
Correct! I actually miss them a lot more than I thought I would. They made for a neat little souvenir. While I have some wrinkled WDW Fastpasses stashed around here and there, I regret never keeping some in good condition as a keepsake. Making a note to do that next time I’m at Disneyland.

Prediction: Captain EO moonwalks out of Epcot for a second time.
Incorrect. While this happened at Disneyland, Captain EO is still going strong at Epcot.

Prediction: Journey Into Imagination with Figment sees a major refurbishment.
Incorrect. Rumors were running wild about this in late 2012. I really hope this is in the plans for Epcot over the next few years.

Educated Hunches and Wild Guesses

Prediction: Star Wars Land announced for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
Incorrect. While Bob Iger did confirm that Star Wars attractions based on the new trilogy are coming, there was no announcement of Star Wars Land for DHS. (Iger did also confirm my speculation that Imagineering’s Star Wars projects were put on hold to see how the new movies developed). The force is strong enough in this prediction that it’s making my list for 2015.

Prediction: A DCA-style reboot is announced for Hollywood Studios.
Incorrect. I feel like I should get about half credit for this, as the groundwork has been laid for this. Hollywood Studios closed several major attractions last year, and the parks current icon is being torn to the ground. It’s clear that major changes are coming to the park, but nothing was officially announced in 2014.

Prediction: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom gets new free cards.
Incorrect. I still think this is a good idea.

Prediction: Disney Infinity 2 is announced for next gen consoles, has tighter integration with MyMagic+.
Correct! I got a few of the details wrong. It’s called Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition, not Disney Infinity 2. The MyMagic+ integration isn’t quite as deep as I had hoped (your Magic Band will unlock It’s A Small World in the toy box). However, I essentially hit this one right on the head. My Disney Infinity prediction for 2015 is that we’ll be seeing Star Wars in 3.0 edition, and the toys-to-life game will get an even bigger license to print money.

Prediction: No new major details on Avatar at Animal Kingdom will be revealed.
Correct! I thought that we would basically only see a groundbreaking image or two, and that’s exactly what we got.

Extreme Longshots
Prediction: Pandas announced for Animal Kingdom.
Incorrect. I still think this is plausible.

Prediction: Disney gets the theme park rights for Marvel in the southeast.
Incorrect. This category is called “extreme longshot” for a reason.

Overall score: 3 Correct. 7 Incorrect.

Ouch. 30%. That’s pretty bad. But for my first time doing these predictions, I’m just glad I didn’t completely whiff. I also think there’s a chance a couple of these predictions could come true in 2015. Or 2016. …Or 2017.

Here’s hoping that next year’s score will be better.

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