From Mickey’s magic tricks to Elsa talking about building a snow man, character interactions at Disney World are already pretty great. However, every now and then, a performer will be so perfectly cast in their role and completely embody their character that it’s worth pointing out. This post is about one of those cast members: a man with a singular commitment to the role of Gaston. Two pretty hilarious videos have been spreading online featuring Gaston having some pretty unique interactions with a couple of guests.

The first video finds Gaston incredulous that a little girl named Isabella’s favorite character is the Beast. Despite his blustering, Isabella promptly puts Gaston in his place. You go, Isabella.

Sure, Gaston couldn’t pull his weight in an intellectual debate, but the guy was never the sharpest knife in the drawer. A physical competition is more up his alley. When Gaston is challenged to a push-up contest, he’s more up to the challenge.

These videos show what’s so fantastic about meeting characters at Disney World. While each interaction varies in tone, Disney does an excellent job with allowing the characters to express their personalities. They really sell the experience of coming into contact with these iconic characters. In particular, this is what makes meeting the villains so much fun. They have the freedom to show off their bad side, which is a bit fun. They can be grumpy, rude, and even a little insulting towards guests, but in a way that completely works.

So, bravo to you, Gaston. You are the Olivier of Fantasyland.

If you’d like to meet with Gaston during your visit to Disney World, he can usually be found outside of Gaston’s Tavern. You’ll probably catch him admiring his own statue.