While we found Harmonious to be a lovely and well-intentioned, EPCOT’s new nighttime spectacular failed to resonate with guests in the same way Illuminations did. That’s part of the reason why Disney announced at D23 that the show would be glowing away this year. However, while people had mixed opinions about the show itself, almost everybody agreed on one thing:

Those dang barges are ugly.

Ironically, the fireworks platforms disrupted the harmony of the World Showcase Lagoon views even during the daytime. Disney Parks Blog just confirmed that this won’t be a problem starting early April, as we now know when Harmonious will have its last performance, what will be replacing it, and when the barges will sail off into the distance.

Harmonious bows out on April 2

EPCOT Harmonious Barges Going Away

Harmonious will have its final performance on April 2, 2023, less than two years after it debuted. Featuring classic Disney songs sung in multiple languages, this was EPCOT’s much hyped replacement for Illuminations, but Disney is cutting its run to be shorter than the “temporary” show that sat between IllumiNations and Harmonious.

Speaking of that temporary show…

EPCOT Forever returns on April 3

EPCOT Forever Returns 2023

Maybe this is all happening because Disney World decided to use the word “Forever” in the title of a temporary show. Even though EPCOT Forever was a stopgap between Illuminations and Harmonious, it’s a celebration of the history of WDW’s second theme park. Featuring songs ranging from One Little Spark to Tomorrow’s Child to Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit (real ones know that last one), it’s a nostalgia trip for anyone who loves everything EPCOT. The show will be similar to how it appeared in 2021.

However, EPCOT Forever is not the permanent replacement for Harmonious. Disney is describing it as “limited time” while the Disney Entertainment team prepares a brand new spectacular.

According to Disney:

A limited-time spectacle of lasers, lighting, special effects, and fireworks, “EPCOT Forever” returns with a collection of songs that offer both a trip down memory lane and a look toward the future.

The Harmonious barges will start being removed after April 2

The barges will start being removed after Harmonious concludes its run, but they won’t disappear all at once. Disney World cast members will start a “phased removal of fireworks platforms following the final Harmonious performance on April 2.”

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