Attraction Stats

Location: Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Type: Interactive Show - Paid Experience

Length: 15-20 Minutes

Audience: All Ages

Opening Date: August 29, 2019

5 Stars Out of 5 Rating

One of the Best Attractions in Disney World

Disguised as a junkyard, workers at Savi’s Workshop advertise their wares as scrap metal. However, there’s a secret. These pieces of scrap metal can be assembled together to build the ancient, mysterious weapon of the Jedi or Sith: The lightsaber. In this premium experience, guests pay $199 plus tax to build their own custom lightsaber. Guests pick one of four styles:

  • Peace and Justice: The classic Jedi style, similar to Luke or Rey’s lightsaber.
  • Power and Control: The Sith style, similar to Darth Vader’s lightsaber.
  • Protection and Defense: This was described as the Old Republic style. These are ancient and ornamental.
  • Elemental Nature: The most unique looking of the four. They evoke all things natural, and include materials such as Brylark wood or Rancor teeth.

Payment is made up front outside of the workshop. Each lightsaber builder and one guest enter the workshop, where they experience a 15-20 minute show where they are instructed on how to build a lightsaber. Each builder picks a kyber crystal (red, blue, green, or purple) and then receives a tray with all the parts they need to assemble their saber. The pieces are premium, made of metal and high quality plastic/rubber. The show at Savi’s is excellent, featuring a few surprises and goosebump-inducing moments.

The question for a $200 lightsaber has to be “Is it worth it?” The lightsaber itself is comparable in quality and similarly priced to other high-end souvenir sabers, and this includes an excellent experience. For hardcore Star Wars fans with money to spend, this is a must-do.

For $200, you get the following:

  • Lightsaber
  • Kyber Crystal
  • LED Blade
  • Saber Sheath carrying case
  • Pin

For more details, read our full Savi’s Workshop – Handbuilt Lightsaber review.


  • Savi’s is very in demand with very low capacity. Be sure to grab a reservation to ensure your spot in the workshop.
  • Indecisive about the color for your saber? The Kyber crystals are interchangeable, and they change the sound effects and color of the lightsaber. You can buy additional crystals for around $13 at Dok Undar’s Den of Antiquities, which is located nearby.

Savi’s Handbuilt Lightsaber Full Video

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