Attraction Stats

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

Type: Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Length: 15-30 minutes per mission

Audience: All Ages

Open since May 31, 2013

4 Stars Out of 5 Rating

A Great Attraction, Worth A Moderate-to-Long Wait

Similar to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom or Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, A Pirate’s Adventure – Treasure of the Seven Seas is an interactive scavenger hunt that sends guests to complete missions throughout Adventureland. Themed to the Pirates of the Caribbean, guests are tasked with going on a quest in the steps of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Your journey begins as any great one does: near a chicken nugget stand. Look for the Cartography Shop near Golden Oak Outpost, which is near the end of Adventureland approaching Splash Mountain. Using a Magic Band, you’ll be given one of five missions and a corresponding map, each with a distinct symbol.

  • Heads You Lose
  • Blackbeard
  • A King’s Ransom
  • Guardian’s Curse
  • Haven Defense

Each mission will send you to several spots throughout Adventureland. Spot the symbol, tap your Magic Band, and you’ll see some type of special effect or little scene, similar to Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. Complete your mission and receive a special reward (see below for more details).

Tips and Tricks

  • Get a bonus Fastpass for Pirates of the Caribbean: If you do two missions in A Pirate’s Adventure, you’ll be rewarded with a free Fastpass for Pirates of the Caribbean. You’ll get more Fastpasses for Pirates if you complete any of the other missions, meaning you can get up to 4 free FPs. If you want to maximize your Fastpasses at Magic Kingdom, save your 3 Fastpasses that you book in advanced for other attractions, and use A Pirates Adventure to earn this treasured FP.
  • Get a collector’s card with each mission: If the Fastpass wasn’t reward enough, you’ll also receive a collector’s card for each mission you accomplish. These correspond to the specific mission, so try to collect all five!
  • This experience is included in park admission.

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