Welcome, foolish mortals, to your one stop shop for all things Haunted Mansion. Earlier this year, Yankee Trader closed down this year to make way for a Haunted Mansion themed gift shop. With a clear demand for Haunted Mansion merch and its location near the exit of Liberty Square’s spooky ride, this chilling metamorphosis makes a lot of sense. Now open, the shop is called Memento Mori, which means “remember death.” It’s a dark yet clever name that is perfect for a shop themed to be the former home of Madame Leota.

Merchandise sold at Memento Mori ranges from Hitchhiking Ghost figures to Haunted Mansion shirts to attraction artwork. The most unique memento is a spirit portrait that transforms your visage into a Haunted Mansion-style ghost. The small shop opened to some pretty large crowds, but nothing that seemed unmanageable. I expect the long lines to die down fairly soon. That says less about the long-term popularity of this fantastically themed shop and more about the pent up demand for a Haunted Mansion themed store.

Personally, I think that attraction-specific merchandise is fantastic, and I hope Disney produces more for other attractions in the future.

So next time you’re at Magic Kingdom, be sure to swing by Liberty Square to check out this unique gift shop.

(Image Copyright Disney).