Queue the sweeping John Williams score: Rise of the Resistance is now open! With media previews earlier this week and the ride opening to the public today, I’ve been eagerly checking the Disney online-sphere to see what the impressions of the ride are. While I’m very positive on Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run as an experience, there were some people who felt underwhelmed with this being the opening attraction that accompanied Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. It’s a great simulator ride with an unbelievably-detailed ride vehicle, but I think people were hoping for a transcendent experience that left their jaws dropped like Flight of Passage. So the question lingered over Galaxy’s Edge for the past few months: Will Rise of the Resistance live up to the Death Star-sized expectations? Will it deliver the spark of hope that Star Wars fans desperately need?

The answer seems to be a resounding yes.

Checking out coverage of Rise of the Resistance has been a bit tricky. As someone who won’t be able to go on the ride until it opens at Disneyland in January, I’ve been avoiding as many spoilers as possible. It seems like this instinct has been correct. More than any other theme park attraction, I’ve seen a common refrain of people urging going into this attraction knowing as little as possible. With the onslaught of ride POV videos already hitting YouTube and scene-by-scene breakdowns hitting Twitter, this has been a challenge. While I know the basic premise, ride vehicle, and have seen glimpses of the ride, I feel like I’ve stayed as spoiler-free as possible while gathering information to share with my readers. If you are looking to stay spoiler-free, the following will be quotes from people and publications I find informative, entertaining, and honest. I will include links to the articles, but be warned that some of the articles include images from the interior of the ride if you are very sensitive to spoilers.

General Consensus:

Rise of the Resistance is a 15-18 minute experience, utilizing multiple ride systems, animatronics, and special effects. The experience is massive in scale, overwhelming, and dazzling. I’ve read that it’s thrilling without being a thrill ride. All reports that I’ve read say that motion sickness is not an issue. I’ve ready many accounts that say this brings themed entertainment to a whole new level, and that there isn’t really another ride to compare to in terms of complexity and scale.

Reviews and Impressions:

Carlye Wisel, Travel & Leisure: “It’s an experiential journey to space and back; an ace in the hole of Disney storytelling that is as close as any of us will ever come to being inside a Star Wars film… By breaking the structure of traditional theme park rides, Disney developed Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance into an extended experience that plays out with a cinematic storyline in lieu of traditional queues, pre-shows, and exits. There is no other attraction like this in Disney parks or beyond”

LA Times: “It’s also an attraction that will deliver on many of the early promises of Galaxy’s Edge, boasting full-scale, highly active droids, alien creatures, lightsabers and an impressive use of vehicle movement that succeeds in conveying the power of the magic-like Force at the heart of the “Star Wars” universe.”

IGN (Review 9.5/10): “But Rise’s real strength is in its ability to tell a compelling, cohesive story that ratchets up the tension and keeps you guessing as it unfolds… It all plays out like a believable sequence from one of the films, complete with a rousing, goosebump-inducing score and crisp visuals… Rise of the Resistance is a technical marvel that delivers on its promise to fully immerse riders in the Star Wars galaxy. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, focused storytelling, and sheer scale, Rise represents an ambitious step forward for Disney, although its emphasis on creating an immersive narrative over roller coaster-style thrills may not completely satisfy the adrenaline junkies in your group.”

Polygon: “Just as Galaxy’s Edge challenged Universal’s Wizarding World in terms of recreating a fictional world, Rise of the Resistance builds off and matches the excitement of the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction through the use of trackless cars and heightened dark-ride experiences.”

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