Attraction Stats

Location: Pandora - The World of Avatar, Animal Kingdom

Type: 3D Motion Simulator

Length: 5 minutes

Height Requirement: 38"

Audience: Teens, Adults

Open since May 27, 2017

5 Stars Out of 5 Rating

One of the Best Attractions in Disney World

Lightning Lane Purchase Available Individual Lightning Lane Purchase Available

Rider Swap Available Icon Rider Swap Available

If you’re going to Disney World, you have to go on Flight of Passage.

If that sounds like hyperbole, check this out: Flight of Passage is the best attraction that Walt Disney Imagineering has opened in America to date. It’s a ride that’s thrilling, awe-inspiring, serene, and surprisingly moving all at once.

After winding through an immensely detailed queue that takes you up into the Mo’ara mountains, through ancient Na’vi caves, and an industrial lab setting, you will find yourself going through an orientation that will link you to an Avatar in order to be able to fly on a banshee. After this brief orientation, you will put your belongings in a bin, put on 3D glasses, and sit down in a unique ride vehicle that’s almost akin to straddling a motor bike. What follows is a four and a half minute film where you feel like you are riding on the back of a banshee across the Valley of Mo’ara.

Even though the actual motion on this ride is limited, the sense of movement feels majestic and immersive thanks to several factors. First of all, the screen gigantic and crystal clear. This is the best implementation of 3D in any screen I’ve ever seen. I just didn’t notice the 3D – it felt like I was looking out into the valley. Next, your ride vehicle will make subtle movements, such as expanding and contracting to give you the feeling that you are on the back of a mystical dragon-like creature. The motion is smartly integrated – there will be moments where you can feel your banshee flapping its wings to slowly build momentum before picking up speed, gliding, diving, and spinning. This convincing movement paired with dazzling visuals just makes for an unforgettable experience where you really feel like you’re flying.

Tips and Tricks for Flight of Passage

  • If it’s in your budget, an Individual Lightning Lane purchase may be worth it for this attraction, as it has commanded long waits since it opened.
  • Don’t want to pay for Lightning Lane? Try to get to the park 30 minutes to an hour before opening and head straight to Flight of Passage once the park opens.
  • Is this ride your number one priority for your Disney World trip? Consider going to Late Nights at Animal Kingdom. It’s a limited-admission hard-ticketed event where you can pretty much get on any Animal Kingdom ride with little to no wait – including Flight of Passage.
  • Do you get motion sickness or have a fear of heights? Unfortunately, you should probably skip this ride. Even though the actual motions the ride vehicles make are subtler than Star Tours, the giant screen and sense of motion are much greater. There are convincing drops and spins throughout the ride that might be hard for guests with certain sensitivities.

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