What if I told you that it’s possible to save up to 20% or more on your Disney World hotel, tickets, food, or souvenirs? Sounds too good to be true, right? As it turns out, there’s no weird secret you need to know or shady back alley you need to go to in order to save on your entire vacation.  If you simply know the right places to shop and the right credit cards to use, it is fairly easy. Because Disney World vacations can cost thousands of dollars, the savings can be massive.

In this video and article, we are sharing a few ways to save 5%, 6%, 20% or more just by using Disney Gift Cards and credit cards.

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Save 5% at Target

Target has a very simple way to save 5% on Disney Gift Cards. If you have a Target REDCard by Visa, you save 5% back on everything you purchase at Target, including gift cards. Simply use your Target REDCard to purchase Disney Gift Cards at Target, and you’ll save 5%. Also, look out for certain sales and promotions throughout the year: it’s possible to stack the 5% back with other promos to save more. Click here or the graphic below to sign up.

Red Card - Get 5% Cash Back at Target

Save 6% at Grocery Stores

Many credit cards will offer cash back at grocery stores, and most grocery stores sell Disney Gift Cards. The best cash back we’ve seen on a credit card is an American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card – it saves 6% at grocery stores, along with many other benefits. So buy your Disney Gift Cards at Kroger or Von’s with the Amex Blue Card, for example, and you’ll save at least 6%.

Note: Many grocery stores local to Disney World or Disneyland also sell tickets to the parks, so this is a way to save 6% as well.

Save up to 20% at Kroger

We really maximize our savings obtaining Disney Gift Cards at Kroger by utilizing their Fuel Points. Using the same American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card, buy your gift cards at Kroger with a Kroger Rewards Account when they are doing 4X Fuel Points on gift cards. They do this 4X promotion about every 6 weeks or so.  If you buy $250 in gift cards, you’ll get 1000 Fuel Points, which is worth $1/gallon – up to 35 gallons at the Kroger fuel station. So if you get all 35 gallons, you’ll save $35 on $250, or 14%. Add that to the 6% you get back on your Blue card, and that’s 20%!  Note – if your car takes less than 35 gallons, you’ll obviously save less – or you can fill up 2 cars from the same pump (park on both sides of the pump when you fill up) – it’s easy to get 35 gallons into 2 cars. It takes a little coordination with a family member, but we do it all the time.

Don’t have a Kroger near you? Check with your local grocery stores: many have loyalty programs and gas rewards like this

Saving More than 20% – It’s Possible

There are some other times when you can get more than 20% thanks to American Express offers.  These aren’t guaranteed as they offers are customized, but I recently received a $30 credit for each $100 spent at Target or Walmart, so that was a 30% savings on Disney gift cards. Some of the Amex offers are worth even more – so make sure you look at your Amex offers on a regular basis and add them to your card.

How we saved over 20% on our Disney World Vacation

Your Tips?

Do you have a tip on how to save money on Disney Gift Cards or your Walt Disney World vacation? We want to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below!


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