Between now and June 23, access to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland is limited to 4-hour reservation windows. These run from 8am-12pm, 11am-3pm, 2pm-6pm, 5pm-9pm, and 6pm-midnight. Even without Rise of the Resistance open, the massive 14-acre expansion has so much to see, eat, and do that there’s no way to try it all within a 4 hour timespan. After my visit this weekend, I have a few tips for you to get the most out of your limited trip to Batuu.

Some of these tips won’t apply once the non-reservation period begins, as we don’t know how the virtual queuing system will affect crowd patterns. Also, Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World is not expected to use a reservation system at all. However, some of these tips will probably still apply. Keep an eye out for our general tips for Galaxy’s Edge coming soon.

Get your wristband at Star Wars Launch Bay 2 hours before your reservation: You can get your wristband starting 2 hours before your reservation in Tomorrowland. For guests with an 8 am reservation, this means you can get into Disneyland 2 hours before it opens. Be sure to have everyone in your party with you, and photo IDs for all the adults in the group. I really have to hand it to Disney for making this process as smooth as possible. It took us about 3 minutes to get checked in.

Savi's Lightsaber - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Prioritize Savi’s Workshop (lightsaber building) or Oga’s Cantina: these have been the two most coveted experiences during the first few days of operation, due to the fact that they are excellent attractions that have very limited capacity. If you want to do one of these, I would choose one and make it your priority. Head straight there as soon as you are let into the land. (Check a park map so you can plan your route). Savi’s line has been getting capped for the reservation period as soon as 20 minutes after opening, so getting there as soon as possible after opening is a must. The Cantina has now instituted a text-message return time system, but the line to put your name in can become substantial. It will be really hard to do both of these experiences and see much of anything else in the land during your 4 hour reservation. If that’s what you want to do, get your return time for Savi’s first and then put your name in for the Cantina. Sidenote: The other experience that has long lines is the Droid Builders workshop, although it doesn’t seem quite as hard to get into that as these other two. Also, you can easily walk into the Droid shop without waiting in line if you don’t want to pay to build a droid and just want to look, while you have to wait in line to even get into Oga’s or Savi’s.

Millennium Falcon - Backside - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Disneyland
Avoid Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run during the first and last hours of your reservation: There’s been a pretty clear pattern where the line for Smuggler’s Run (the Millennium Falcon ride) spikes whenever a reservation period opens, and then dies down during the middle two hours of the reservation. When I visited, I saw wait times as high as 75 minutes during the first and last hours of a reservation period, and wait times as low as 15-30 minutes during the 2nd and 3rd hours. The standby queue is really cool, so save some time and go ride in the fastest hunk of junk once the line dies down.

Utilize Single Rider for repeat rides on Millennium Falcon: This skips all the parts of the line before you get to step into the interior of the Falcon itself, and there’s a good chance that you’ll get assigned Engineer, but there’s practically little to no wait for Single Rider. I was able to ride Smuggler’s Run twice in 15 minutes using Single Rider.

Plan ahead if you want to eat at Docking Bay 7: Much like the Falcon, lines here spike during overlapping reservation hours. Mobile ordering also sells out fairly quickly. However, if you want to do the most things, it’s advisable to eat while the land is the busiest. If you want to eat at Docking Bay 7, use one of these strategies: While lining up outside the land for your reservation, try putting in an mobile order for a window that is 20-40 minutes into your reservation (i.e. if you get in at 5, try to get a mobile order in for 5:20-5:40). This should give you enough time to put your name in at Savi’s or the Cantina or build a droid before grabbing your meal. Alternatively, put in a mobile order for a window during your last hour in the land if you can wait to eat. Or, just eat at Ronto Roasters, which only has one food item (basically a space hot dog) but is much quicker.

Marketplace - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Disneyland
Take advantage of the non-overlapping hours during your reservation: Pay attention to which hours overlap with other reservations during your time at Batuu. Like I’ve mentioned in many of these tips, wait times will spike and dip throughout the day. This is a great time to look through the marketplace (which has small stalls that can get crowded), visit Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, build a droid, or go on Millennium Falcon multiple times.

Translator App - Savis Workshop - Galaxys Edge Star Wars Galaxys Edge- Disneyland- Guide2WDW
There’s still plenty to do when crowds spike: If lines get too long for your liking, roam the land. Take pictures. Use the Play Disney Parks app and take on a job to earn credits. Talk to members of the Resistance and see if they’ll put you on a secret mission. Follow characters around, because there’s a good chance a mini-show will break out. The entire land is an attraction, and there’s still a ton to see and do without stepping in a single line.

Tips For Making The Most of Your Time at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge


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