Disney released a new video today sharing a brief glimpse of what we can expect from Animal Kingdom’s Avatar-inspired addition when it opens in 2017. While I’ve been somewhat skeptical of the idea of a whole land based on Avatar, the new details released today look pretty stunning. The organic feel of what they’re creating looks to actually be a great fit for Animal Kingdom, and the bioluminescence looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before in a theme park. The new concept art of the floating mountains make this land look completely awe-inspiring.

Avatar Land Concept Art - Floating Mountains

OK, I’m gushing. Like I said, I’ve been skeptical to cautiously optimistic about Avatar Land/The World of Pandora. While I enjoyed the film when I saw it in theaters, Avatar didn’t make a lasting impression on me. This short video and new concept art is the first time that I’ve felt truly excited about this. This is a Joe Rohde-lead project, and it’s clear that WDI is trying something completely new with this land. Both of those facts are making it so I cannot wait to see how this land comes together.

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(Image Copyright Disney)