As part of Disney Parks Blog’s announcement of Magic Key at Disneyland, Disney decided to give fans of the AP program at Walt Disney World a little glimmer of hope. After Disney World suspended the sale of its Annual Passes during the pandemic, there’s been a lot of speculation about when they will go back on sale. Today, Disney gave us a definitive answer… that it will return sometime in the next two months-ish.

According to Disney Parks Blog:

And for those wondering about Walt Disney World Annual Passes, new pass sales will become available in time for the start of the 50th anniversary celebration! Walt Disney World Resort will be sharing additional information and details later this month, so be sure to stay tuned to and the Disney Parks Blog.

So there you have it. We’ll have more information on the WDW AP tickets later this month. But before we go, here’s a few predictions I’ll make for Disney World Annual Passes when they return based on today’s Magic Key news.

  • Like Magic Key, expect theme park reservations to be part of the Annual Pass program when it returns.
  • Don’t expect it to be an exact copy of Magic Key. I would imagine that WDW’s Annual Passes would have a different limit on the number of reservations you can hold at one time than Disneyland, just due to how different the passholder populations are at each park, and how different a vacation at Disney World is to Disneyland. WDW has a longer average vacation length, so I would imagine more simultaneous reservation days would be needed. (I also wouldn’t be surprised if Disney tied park reservations to hotel stays, so a base AP might get 5 reservations at a time, but an AP who’s staying at a Disney hotel would get a reservation for their entire stay).
  • Pricing might be comparable to what was offered before the pandemic, but value will really depend on the reservation system.

Stay tuned for more information once we get it.