Whenever I go to Disney World, I make a point to take an afternoon to wander around the countries of the World Showcase. While taking in the sights and sounds, I am bound to stumble upon a live performance. This is one of my favorite aspects of Epcot, and it makes the World Showcase feel delightfully vibrant.

Disney just announced some changes to the current lineup of performers. While some promising new acts will be debuting soon, it also means that four of the current acts will be saying goodbye to the World Showcase soon.

The new offerings will include a Berber music and dance troupe in Morocco, a Celtic folk ensemble in the UK, a flag-waving corps in Italy, and a new lumberjack show in Canada.

The four acts that will be retired from the World Showcase are Spirit of America Fife & Drum, Mo’Rockin’, the UK’s World Showcase Players, and Off Kilter. The World Showcase Players will have their final performance September 25, while the other three groups will exit on September 27.

I’ve enjoyed these groups’ performances in the past, so I’m sad to see them go. However, I am excited about the prospect of new entertainment offerings at Epcot. What do you think about these changes?


James is a lifelong Disney Parks fan. While at the parks, he loves finding new details, learning more about Disney World history, and taking pictures. His favorite WDW attractions include Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, and Star Tours.
James is a filmmaker and writer based in Los Angeles.

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