According to Orlando Attractions Magazine, the landscape of Innoventions at Epcot is about to shift in a major way. Disney is closing down three attractions in Innoventions West: Think presented by IBM, Where’s the Fire? presented by Liberty Mutual, and The Great Piggy Bank Adventure presented by T. Rowe Price. All three attractions will have their last day of operation on April 29th, and all of Innoventions West will close for refurbishment on April 30th. New exhibits will be occupying the space, but Disney has not given any details on what those attractions will be.

Over at Innoventions East, the Vision House will be boarded up on April 22nd. The Test the Limits Lab also closed earlier this year, so there is a good chunk of real estate available for new development.

Overall, these are welcome changes. The Vision House’s vision of the future was getting more and more dated each day as the Internet of Things (smart lightbulbs, home automation, etc) becomes much more of a reality. Where’s the Fire was cute, but didn’t really fit in with the technological, futurist themes of Innoventions and Future World. While Think presented by IBM fit the theme of Innoventions, there was a lot to be desired in the execution. Here’s a selfie I took last year while watching the film.

All Alone - Think Presented by IBM Selfie at Disney World

Yeah, I was the only one watching it. I don’t think I’ve ever been the only person in a Disney attraction before in my entire life.

Innoventions desperately needs a new future. I remember being awed at some of the technology demonstrations I saw at Innoventions when it first debuted in the 90s. Maybe I’m just jaded by age, but I honestly think that Innoventions’ lack of ability to inspire the same kind of awe is just a result of the age we live in. Many of us live with advanced technology in our pockets, and it’s hard to really wow when the bar for everyday interaction with technology is set so high. I’m really hoping that the new exhibits in Innoventions are looking to the future and the possibilities of what’s to come, rather than trying to fit in a sponsor’s message from today.

My one big gripe with all these changes is the loss of The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. It was one of my favorite hidden gems in all of Disney World. You could play by yourself or together as part of a group, the collection of games were quick and fun, and they did an effective job of teaching basic financial principles like diversification. It was one of the best recent examples of Epcot balancing entertainment and education. Yes, yes, it didn’t quite fit the vision of the future spirit of Future World or Innoventions, but to that I say look at these cute pigs.

Great Piggy Bank Adventure Touchscreen - Innoventions at Epcot

Great Piggy Bank Adventure Baby Pig - Innoventions at Epcot

Great Piggy Bank Adventure Pig Family - Innoventions at Epcot

I guess 2015 is just a bad year for adorable characters losing their homes.

So, yes, as much as I never expected myself to type these words: I’ll miss The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. I’ll miss the fun ways they incorporated the piggy bank, like how it slid up the large tube in the second game or how it would make coin rattling noises as the game progressed on. I’ll miss playing the diversification game and thinking “Damn, I should really do this with my savings.” I’ll miss my 2 year old nephew’s insistence that he carries the piggy bank. Farewell, Great Piggy Bank Adventure. You were a small attraction, but a good one.

I hope you saved up enough for your retirement.