The Walt Disney Company recently released an official Disneyland app for the iPad and iPad 2. This app offers iPad users a chance to take a tour around Disney’s Anaheim based theme parks. Disney fans can tap and scroll through Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and the Disneyland resorts. The application includes images, videos, and even interactive
games of the attractions, landmarks, and restaurants of Disneyland. If you’re a Walt Disney World fan who has never made it out to Disneyland, this is a great app.

Splash Mountain Disney App
Disney’s official application acts like an interactive picture book. Once you launch the app, you can scroll from side to side to explore the different sections of Disneyland and California Adventure. Just tap on any attraction to find out more. Some attractions will even feature images, movies, or interactive games. For example, the app has a motion controlled game taking you through the destinations of Star Tours and a game where you board the elevator on the Tower of Terror. Disneyland Explorer also features a button on the top right corner for easy navigation of all of Disneyland Resort’s attractions.

Another fun feature is the share option. For select attractions, you can send an image via email to a friend or loved one. I sent a good friend of mine a picture of Darth Vader from Star Tours, all without having to leave the app.


Star Tours - Disneyland iPad App

Overall, this is a fun application to skim through the sights of Disneyland. The visuals and sound effects are delightful. The best part? It’s free! iPad owners should to the App Store to download it now.

World of Color - Disneyland iPad App

However, the question remains if Disney will release a Walt Disney World version of this app. To us at Guide2WDW, that seems like a no-brainer. A Disney World Explorer app for the iPad would definitely be a lot more work and probably will take more time, as Walt Disney World has many more attractions than Disneyland Resort, and well more hotels and resorts (Disneyland only has two). However, as Disneyland Explorer has been wildly successful on the App Store (it has been the number one free iPad app in the past few days), it seems like Disney would be smart to capitalize on that success and release a version for their Orlando theme parks and resorts.