If you’re wandering around Disney World’s first gate and notice a bunch of people running around, looking at maps, and pointing cards at windows, do not be alarmed. Those guests are just defeating evil and saving the fate of the Kingdom in the new attraction Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom. Opening today, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive game that casts Disney World guests as apprentice sorcerers. These new sorcerers are given a deck of 5 cards, each with a unique spell on it. Guests are then tasked with finding different hideouts of Disney Villains hidden throughout the various lands of Magic Kingdom and using the spell cards to defeat each villain.

Along with Epcot’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, Disney World seems to be focused on creating interactive and unique experiences for their guests with this new attraction. According to Jonathan Ackley, Project Producer and Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering, “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom gives our guests a whole new way to become the hero of the Disney story, taking Disney innovation to a new level. It’s a great game of discovery and excitement that plays off our wonderful theme park and incredible family of Disney animated characters.”

You’ll start off your Magic Kingdom adventure at the Main Street, USA firehouse, right by the entrance of the park. Here you’ll get key card, a map, as well as a set of 5 spell cards. Disney says that you can get 5 cards per day at Magic Kingdom, and there are a total of 70 spell cards. This will surely make for a heated trading scene for those guests trying to complete their set.

Don’t worry about having to pay extra for these cards. Playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is included in park admission.

The spell cards each feature a classic Disney character and stats for the spell. Disney describes SotMK as an interactive role-playing game, and the spell cards are reminiscent of popular card games such as Magic: The Gathering. However, these Disney character spells seem streamlined and very approachable compared to that collectable card trading game.

The premise of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is that a crew of Disney villains, led by Hades, is trying to take over the park. It’s up to Disney World guests to join Merlin’s ranks and seek out the hidden lairs of these villains and defeat them. You will use the map given to you at the Firehouse to help you find these lairs. When you find the hideout, you’ll unveil a screen. You will use your cards to cast spells on the villains by pointing the spell card at the screen. Apparently, different spells work better for different villains, so there is an element of strategy to the game.

Disney claims that you can break up your play session into 20-30 minute chunks throughout your day at Magic Kingdom, but you can also play all at once for a “3-4 hour experience.” This is a definite advantage over Kim Possible’s play-it-all-in-one-session experience.

The most exciting part about this ride to us is its expandability. Disney could easily add new spell cards and villains to the attraction, as well as tweak the game to make for a more satisfying experience. The game will reportedly add different difficulty settings, including a hard mode where you could actually lose the game.

Disney World guests are already tweeting about their experience with SotMK. @InstaWorld says “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom…best game EVER!” and @ResourcefulMom writes “If your kids like Kim Possible at EPCOT, you’ve got to check this out.” However, not all seem to be under the spell of this new attraction, with @WDWVacationer tweeting “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom opened today an nobody cared. At all.”

We’re personally excited to try out this attraction for ourselves. Have you played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom already? Do you have any impressions, thoughts, or images of your experience? Email me at [email protected].

(Press Release. Photo Credit: ©Disney)