At Guide2WDW, we’re all about giving you ways to save money on your Disney vacation. Whether you’re visiting Disney World or Disneyland, the merchandise can easily become one of your biggest expenses. It’s shockingly easy to blow through your trip budget on shirts, toys, and collectibles.

While Disney World and Disneyland rarely have traditional sales in their shops, there are plenty of ways to save money on official Disney merchandise. Whether in the parks, at the outlet mall, or online, here are six ways to save money on Disney merch.

Saving on Merchandise At the Parks

World of Disney Store - Disneyland Shopping

1) Use an Annual Pass or DVC membership for merchandise discounts

Disney offers a discount on merchandise for Annual Passholders and DVC Members. Simply show your Annual Pass or DVC membership card during checkout, as well as a photo ID. Most Cast Members will ask you if you have any discounts during the checkout process. However, I make it a habit to always ask if a shop offers an Annual Pass or DVC discount so I don’t miss out on any discounts.

Disney World Annual Passholders receive 20% off merchandise at most locations, although there are a few locations that only offer a 10% or 15% discount. You can see the complete list of Annual Passholder merchandise discounts here.

DVC Members save 10-20% on Disney Merchandise, depending on the location. You can see the complete list of DVC discounts here.

2) Disney Visa Card Discounts

Don’t have an Annual Pass or DVC membership? A Disney Visa Credit or Debit Card can be a great alternative for always getting a discount on Disney World and Disneyland merchandise. Disney Visa Cardmembers receive 10% off their purchases at all Disney Parks merchandise locations. This applies to pretty much every gift shop inside the theme parks, as well as select locations at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney, such as the World of Disney Store.

Simply mention that you are a Disney Visa Cardholder, and use your Disney Visa Card to make the purchase. These cards are a great way to save on your Disney vacation. There is a no fee option, and you can also save on food, hotel rooms, and vacation packages.

You can find a full list of Disney Visa perks here:

Disney Visa Credit Card Discounts and Perks

Disney Visa Debit Card Discounts and Perks

Mickey Rice Krispy Treats - Disney World DessertDisney Tip: The above discounts can actually save you on some food items as well. Main Street Confectionery and other sweet shops are technically considered merchandise locations. So you can use your Annual Pass or Disney Visa Card to save on a Mickey Rice Krispy Treat or other confection. The discount will also work on sodas and water bottles that they sell in gift shops.

3) Disney Character Warehouse

If you’re going to Orlando, one of the best ways to score major discounts on Disney merchandise is to make a trip to the Disney World outlet. The Disney Character Warehouse sells official Disney World merchandise at a steep discount. Often Disney stocks the store with last season’s items or toys that they are beginning to phase out.

However, you’ll often find some merchandise that they are still selling in the parks, but for about a quarter of the price.

You can find the Disney Character Warehouse at the following locations: 4969 International Drive and 8200 Vinelande Ave #1252 in Orlando.

How to Save on Disney Merchandise Online

While you might want to purchase certain keepsakes at Disney World or Disneyland, you can get plenty of Disney Parks merchandise and other Disney items online at a discount.

One tip that we’ve heard from parents repeatedly over the years is that they will buy a toy at a discount before they head to Disney World. On the first day of the trip, they’ll give it to their kid as a special vacation keepsake. This is an affordable way to build excitement for the trip, as well as a strategy to prevent your child from asking for toys the entire trip.

Whether you’re getting matching shirts for an upcoming trip or just want to keep the magic going at home between vacations, here are a few ways to save on Disney merchandise online.

4) shopDisney often has sales

shopDisney Parks MerchandiseshopDisney has a wide selection of Disney Parks merchandise from Disney World and Disneyland, as well as toys, books, home goods, and more. As it says in the name, it’s your one stop shop for all things Disney, especially now that Disney Stores have closed nationwide.

Unlike the parks, shopDisney will regularly run discounts, ranging the gamut from free shipping to BOGO deals. They’ll often have merchandise discounted anywhere from 10-30% off.

Disney Visa Cardmembers also get a discount at shopDisney. The standard discount is 10%, but they also run promotions that offer extra discounts.

5) Stack discounts at Target

Disney Store at TargetWith the Disney Store closing, Target has become Disney’s official retail partner.

While there isn’t as wide of a variety of items compared to shopDisney, you’ll find clothes, toys, and even some Disney Parks items, like a Mickey Mouse 50th Anniversary Castle Funko Pop.

Mickey Mouse Funko Pop - Target

Target is a convenient option to buy Disney merchandise, both online and at your local store. The discounts come in when you sign up for a Target RedCard Credit or Debit Card and Target Circle.

With a credit and debit option, the Target RedCard offers 5% off of all purchases at Target, including Disney Gift Cards! In this article, I explain how the Target Disney Gift Card Hack can help you basically save 5% on your entire Disney vacation. You can sign up for a Target RedCard here.

To get extra savings, sign up for a Target Circle account. This is a free account that gives you access to exclusive deals. While the discounts vary throughout the year, I’ll often see a 20% discount off of one toy, and occasionally I’ll get a coupon for 20% off my entire order (usually as a birthday bonus). It also stacks with your Target RedCard, so you can sometimes save big on Disney merch or anything else you buy from Target. 

6) Get cash back with Rakuten

Rakuten - shopDisney

If you want to boost your savings online, I definitely recommend signing up for Rakuten. This service gives you cash back at a wide variety of stores, including shopDisney and Target. It’s pretty typical to get 1% cash back at these stores, but they’ll also run promotions where you can get over 5% cash back. For example, the shopDisney cash back is 5% today, but will change daily.

Rakuten works best if you install their browser extension. This will give you a prompt to click a button to activate the cash back. The browser extension also will check to see if there are any existing discount codes that could save you extra.

Rakuten cash back is not only a great way to save on Disney merchandise, but you can also get cash back on all sorts of online purchases. The small percentage cash back really adds up. You can use this cash for whatever you want, but I personally like to use it towards going on a date night with my wife or towards our next Disney vacation.

You can sign up for Rakuten here.

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