Since Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance debuted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney World guests had to join a virtual queue in order to experience the groundbreaking ride. With boarding passes running out sometimes within seconds, this greatly limited opportunities for guests, especially if they were unaware of the virtual queue system.

That’s all changing at Disney World starting September 23.

Disney Parks Blog just announced that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be utilizing a traditional standby queue next week. This means that guests wanting to go on the stunning Star Wars ride will just need to go into Hollywood Studios, walk to Galaxy’s Edge, and get in line and wait their turn. No need to even access the Disney World app or check the speed of your wireless connection. As C-3PO would say, thank the maker!

It’s unclear if this is a permanent change. Disney described this as a “pause,” and noted that they may bring the virtual queue back “at a later date, or from time to time.” If you’ll remember, Galaxy’s Edge debuted with a virtual queue that was only used for about a day and never returned. But a virtual queue option returning could make sense for busy seasons or when the standby line exceeds a certain length.

In related news, Lightning Lane signage has been added to the entrance of Rise of the Resistance, but it is unclear if it will be included in Genie+ or be just available as an individual purchase. It is widely expected to be part of the individual purchase options, but Disney hasn’t officially announced the lineup for Lightning Lane.

This certainly isn’t the end of virtual queues at Disney World. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will debut with a virtual queue on October 1, 2021. Here’s our full guide on how the virtual queue will work at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot.

No word on if the change to standby will also go into effect at Disneyland for Rise of the Resistance.

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