Bad news for anyone hoping for a Walt Disney World Annual Pass as a holiday gift. Disney World has announced that they are temporarily suspending the sales of most of their Annual Passes. When Disney World brought back Annual Pass sales in September, they returned with four new tiers: Incredi-pass, Sorcerer Pass, Pirate Pass, and Pixie Dust Pass. You can read more about the Disney World Annual Pass tiers here.

Only Pixie Dust, the cheapest Annual Pass tier, remains on sale. That pass is $399, and is only available to Florida Residents. Here’s a bit more about the Walt Disney World Pixie Dust Annual Pass

  • Has the most blockout dates – this pass will let you in on most weekdays
  • Visit one or more Walt Disney World Theme Parks on the same day with advance park reservations
  • Hold up to 3 park reservations at a time
  • Current passholders can renew to this pass for $339

So if you’re not a Florida Resident, you have no option for buying an Annual Pass at this moment. And if you’re a Florida resident who can only visit on weekends, this pass won’t be very useful to you.

This is a drastic move, even compared to Disneyland suspending the sales of their top tier Magic Key pass earlier this year. Disney will reportedly start selling the other tiers of Annual Passes again in 2022, although no date has been announced. As this was quietly done on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, this pause of sales most likely has to do with Disney World’s anticipated heavy crowds this holiday season. It’s also important to note that this does not affect renewals of Annual Passes. If you have an Annual Pass in one of these tiers and your pass is up for renewal, you will be able to buy your same pass.

This situation is unprecedented, and it gives a good lesson into how Disney will be treating its Annual Pass program going forward. Instead of a ticket that is perpetually on sale, it’s almost like a membership whose list opens up at certain points. Disney World Tip: Your Disney World Annual Pass activates once you enter a WDW park, not when you purchase it. In other words, your Disney World Annual Pass is good for a year after the date of park entry, not purchase. Currently, you have until 12/31/2030 to activate any unused Annual Passes. So you can buy an Annual Pass, hold onto it for awhile, and then “activate” it by going into the park. Since Disney will be starting and stopping the sales of Annual Passes without warning, you should buy an Annual Pass if you’re interested in using it at all in the next decade whenever it becomes available.


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