If you are going to Disney World or Disneyland with a baby or toddler, you do not want to miss this tip! Each Disney Park has a Baby Care Center, which is an awesome resource for parents traveling with small children.

When I went to Disneyland with my one year old son for the first time, a cast member recommended that we go to the baby center if we needed to change his diaper or forgot to pack anything. I almost dismissed it, because I had been going to Disney for so long that I thought I knew every trick in the book. Also, as an expert new parent, how would I forget anything?

I was so glad he mentioned something, because of course I forgot something! During our trip, it rained in the morning and our stroller got soaked. So in the evening, we decided to wear our son into the parks on a carrier. My wife and I both forgot that we left our changing pad, wipes, and diapers in the stroller’s storage. So we were in Disneyland with nothing to change our son’s diaper. Luckily, we went to the Baby Care Center just off of Main Street and get everything we need. Day saved.

Also, because it’s Disney, the baby center was very clean and even themed.

I learned two lessons: 1) if a cast member gives you advice, listen. And 2) more parents need to know about baby centers at Disney, because they really helped out our trip.

Read on to find out all about Baby Care Centers at Disney World and Disneyland, including maps for where to find each location.

What is a Disney Baby Care Center?

High Chairs - Disney Baby Care Center

Each park at Disney World and Disneyland has one Baby Care Center. These are indoor areas designed for parents with small children to help attend to their needs. Each Baby Care Center has

  • High chairs
  • Private nursing areas with rocking chairs
  • Changing area with tables for diaper changes, sinks, and a women’s restroom
  • A kitchen with a microwave and sink
  • A main area with chairs and a TV
  • Baby food, formula, juice, diapers, wipes, over-the-counter medications, sunscreen, and clothing for purchase

What ages are the Disney Baby Care Center for?

Disney says that their Baby Care Centers are for parents with babies and/or toddlers.

What can I do at a Disney Baby Care Center?

Changing Tables - Disneyland Baby Care Center

Taking care of a baby or toddler when you’re not at home can be overwhelming. The baby centers at Disney World and Disneyland offer parents a quiet place to attend to their little one’s needs.

  • Nurse
  • Feed your baby in a high chair
  • Change your baby in a much nicer changing table than in any bathroom. Seriously, we started going back to the baby centers for all of our diaper changes.
  • Rock your baby
  • Prepare food for your baby
  • Having a quiet space for your child to relax if they’re overstimulated
  • Get any supplies you might have forgot

Disneyland Diapers and Wipes At Disneyland, the baby center didn’t sell us diapers and wipes, but they told us where we could go on Main Street to purchase them. It seemed like this was a temporary issue, and you shouldn’t have this problem at other locations. In any case, it was a short walk, and shockingly reasonable: about $5 for a small pack of diapers and wipes. At that point, I would have paid anything, so it was nice to not pay too much for my mistake of forgetting diapers.

Does the Baby Care Center cost anything extra?

Access to the Baby Care Centers are free for all park guests. The only thing that costs extra are the items for sale, such as diapers, wipes, and formula.

Where to find Baby Care Centers in each park

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center Map

Magic Kingdom: The Baby Care Center is between Casey’s Corner and the Crystal Palace Restaurants, just to the left of Main Street if you’re heading toward the Castle.

EPCOT Baby Care Center Map

EPCOT: The Baby Care Center is next to the EPCOT Experience / former Odyssey restaurant building. It’s along a walkway between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion in the World Showcase.

Hollywood Studios Baby Care Center Map

Hollywood Studios: The Baby Care Center is right by the park entrance. Take an immediate left as soon as you enter, and you’ll find the baby center next to Sid Cahuenga’s gift shop.

Animal Kingdom Baby Care Center Map

Animal Kingdom: The Baby Care Center is right next to Creature Comforts, aka the Starbucks at Animal Kingdom. If you head to the left side of Discovery Island, you’ll find it just before the bridge to Africa (where Kilimanjaro Safaris is).


Disneyland Baby Care Center Map

Disneyland: If you head down Main Street, take a right just past the last shop. The Baby Care Center is next to Plaza Point (the Christmas shop), just across from the Corn Dog cart.

Disney California Adventure Baby Care Center Map

California Adventure: The Baby Care Center is in Pacific Warf, just next to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop. You can also get there from Cars Land via the path by Fillmore’s Taste-In.

Are there Baby Care Centers at Disney Springs, Downtown Disney, the resorts, or the water parks?

No, Baby Care Centers are only at each Disney Theme Park. You can find changing stations at the restrooms at Disney Springs, Downtown Disney, Disney resorts, or Disney World water parks.

Baby Care Center Conclusion

The Baby Care Centers are life savers if you forgot to pack anything for your baby or toddler. Even if you don’t forget anything like I did, it’s great to know where the Baby Care Center is in each park. It is a much nicer place to change your child’s diaper than any of the restrooms at Disney World or Disneyland. Plus, there are nice amenities if you need to feed or nurse your baby or toddler. Or if you are feeling overwhelmed and just need a break from the crowds, head to a baby center to just sit for 15 minutes.

It’s a resource that many parents at Disney don’t know about, but should.

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