There’s a free way to skip the line on some of Disney World’s best rides that most guests don’t know about. No, I’m not talking about Lightning Lane, which costs additional money. And no, I’m not talking about scooting past people while saying “Oh, I need to catch up to the rest of my family” until you just get to the front of the line, because that would be totally uncool. I’m talking about Single Rider!

Using the Single Rider line one of the best ways to save time at Disney World. Here’s every ride that uses Single Rider, plus the benefits and downsides to Single Rider at WDW.

Disney World Rides with Single Rider Lines

Disney World currently has four rides that feature a single rider line:

What is Single Rider?

Single Rider is a dedicated line where guests can have a shorter wait if they don’t mind being split up from the rest of their party. Certain Disney World rides will use Single Rider as a way to fill in the gaps on certain ride vehicles. For example, if a party of five goes onto Test Track, there would be a single seat open in the car. Disney can take someone from the Single Rider line and put them into that empty seat.

This boosts the hourly capacity of these rides by making sure that no vehicles have any empty seats.

What are the benefits of Single Rider at Disney World?

Expedition Everest - Best Disney World Roller Coaster

Single Rider has one huge pro for Disney World guests. It’s a free way to have a shorter wait in line. Since the arrival of Disney Genie and Genie+, Single Rider is now the only free way to skip the standby line at Disney World.

Single Rider is also featured on some amazing attractions that usually have very long waits. This includes two of the best roller coasters at Disney World. Because these rides are popular, they also have some of the most in-demand Lightning Lane reservations.

For example, Test Track is one of the most popular rides at EPCOT. Even if you purchased Genie+, Lightning Lane availability tends to run out early in the day. Single Rider gives you an option to get on Test Track with a shorter wait even if Lightning Lane runs out at EPCOT. (You can read more about our EPCOT Lightning Lane recommendations here.)

While guests will be split up upon going on the ride vehicle, your party will be able to wait in line all together. So the amount of time that you will be separated from your family and friends will only be a few minutes.

What are the downsides to using Single Rider at Disney World?

Test Track Touchscreen

The main downside to Single Rider is that your party will be split up. Yes, you may get lucky and be put right next to someone else in your family, but that is unlikely to happen. This is a huge con for people traveling with children.

There are a few ride specific downsides to Single Rider as well. Because you are in a separate line, you will miss out on certain pre-show elements, and you will not be able to request a specific seat on these rides.

  • Test Track: You will miss out on designing a car in the pre-show.
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run: You will miss the Hondo pre-show animatronic, which is a pretty spectacular part of the ride experience. Also, you will most likely be assigned to be Engineer, which is the back row. You can read more about the roles on Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s run in our guide.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster: You’ll miss the pre-show, and you can’t request front or back row.
  • Expedition Everest: You’ll miss the detailed queue, and you can’t request front or back row.

One more downside to Single Rider is that you won’t exactly know what the wait time will be. You could walk on the ride, or it could be 15-30 minutes. Disney World doesn’t post a Single Rider wait time, because it all depends on how many empty seats are in each ride vehicle.

If there are a ton of groups of three boarding onto Test Track at one time, you could end up waiting a very long time. That specific scenario is unlikely, but it shows that there’s an element of luck to Single Rider wait times.

Additionally, there are rare times when the Single Rider line will have a longer wait than standby. This is usually if the ride has shut down for a portion of the day. The cast members will be trying to catch up to previous Lightning Lane appointments, so Single Rider becomes a much lower priority for loading the ride. Usually, the cast member in the front of the line will give you a warning if the Single Rider line is running slower than standby.

How to use Single Rider at Disney World

Each of these rides has a dedicated Single Rider lane at the attraction entrance. Just look for the sign that says “Single Rider.” If you’re having trouble finding it, you can always ask a Cast Member who will point you in the right direction.

Does the Single Rider ride lineup ever change?

Yes. Just because a ride doesn’t have Single Rider doesn’t mean that it won’t have Single Rider in the future, and vice versa. Toy Story Mania once had Single Rider. Disney discontinued it after experts on that ride would keep using the Single Rider line to reride, and the guests who rode with them would not have as many targets to hit.

Who should use Single Rider at Disney World?

Single Rider is best for any guest who doesn’t mind being split up from the rest of their party.

  • Parents traveling with teens
  • Groups of adults
  • People traveling solo
  • People who have already been on the ride and don’t mind missing out on some pre show elements.

Who shouldn’t use Single Rider at Disney World?

Single Rider isn’t the best option for everyone, including these groups:

  • Parents with younger children
  • People who are going on the ride for the first time and want the full experience.
  • Anybody who wants to pilot the Millennium Falcon.

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