For parents, the number one essential item for a stress-free Disney World trip is a stroller. A day at Disney World requires a lot of walking, and it can be too much for little legs to keep up. But strollers can provide a ton of use for your WDW vacation. From bag carriers and poncho storage to impromptu nap spots, strollers are more than just a mode a conveyance for your kids — they are a Disney World essential, especially for families with small children.

In our comprehensive Disney World Stroller Guide, we’ll delve into the best strollers for your Disney World vacation, recommended third-party stroller rental companies, and expert tips from straight from parents who have logged in hundreds of miles pushing little ones around Disney Parks. Plus, we’ve handpicked some must-have accessories to ensure your family vacation rolls along effortlessly.

Update 04-19-2023: We’ve updated our stroller guide with new information, as well as refreshed recommendations for stroller rental companies.

Buckle up and get ready for a magical ride through Walt Disney World.

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What strollers are allowed at Disney World?

Magic Kingdom - Toddler in a Stroller

Strollers at Disney World can be a maximum of 31″ wide and 52″ long. Many strollers fit within these limits — including double strollers.

Also, your stroller must fold up if you want to use Disney transportation like parking lot trams and the monorail. Ease of folding is one of the biggest factors we consider when selecting a stroller for Disney World.

What strollers aren’t allowed at Disney World?

Disney World does not allow stroller wagons. Disney World banned stroller wagons a few years ago because they inhibit crowd flow.

Also, as we said above, you cannot have a stroller over 31” wide or 52” long.

Should I rent or bring my own stroller to Disney World?

Disney World Stroller Rental Sign

Renting a stroller or bringing your own stroller at Disney World is a personal preference, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether you should rent or BYOS comes down to how you’re traveling and how much you value convenience over spending money.

If you are able to bring your own stroller, this can be a very preferable option. It will save you money over a rental, and it will save you time if you are renting from Disney.

If you are flying to Orlando, keep in mind that many airlines will let you gate check your stroller for free. Having a stroller can actually make navigating an airport with a small child easier.

However, bringing a stroller to Disney World may not be feasible for everyone. You may not have trunk space in your car for a stroller plus all of your luggage.

Renting a stroller at Disney World is a good option if you prefer to travel light, and many stroller rental companies will deliver high quality strollers to your resort.

The Best Strollers for Disney World

Everyday Strollers

First, we are going to highlight strollers that aren’t just great for Disney World, but great for every day life. These are from trusted, highly-reviewed brands, with an emphasis on ease of folding, storage space, and available accessories.

Britax B-Lively – This is the stroller that my family uses. We like this because it is very easy to fold up – just hold down a button and pull a strap in the middle. You do need to use both hands to fold it up, but it very quickly becomes second nature. We love the amount of under stroller storage that this stroller provides, plus the fact it was compatible with the Britax infant car seat we used without any adapters was a big plus.

The B-Lively also comes in a double stroller option.

Britax B-Lively Stroller - Disney World Stroller

Britax B-Lively Stroller


The stroller we use when taking our toddler to Disney World. Features ample storage and easy folding.

Buy from Amazon

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller - Disney World Stroller

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller


The double version of the stroller we use at Disney World.

Buy from Amazon

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 – Another brand that our friends have recommended is Baby Jogger. Their City Mini 2 is an affordable and versatile stroller, which you can find for around $230. This is a great stroller, but stock is harder to come by. Its big advantage is the one-handed folding system.

The City Mini also comes in a GT2 version, which has better suspension for different walking surfaces. This one is a bit pricier than the Britax, but it also has the one-handed folding system.

There is also a double stroller option, which at ‎40.7” long and 29.25” wide fits within Disney’s guidelines.

City Mini 2 Stroller - Disney World Strollers

Baby Jogger City Mini 2


A great everyday stroller for Disney World, complete with one-handed folding.

Buy from Amazon

City Mini 2 Double Stroller - Disney World Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Double Stroller


This excellent double stroller fits within Disney World's stroller size requirements.

Buy from Amazon

City Mini GT2 - Disney World Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2


This all-terrain stroller has the same easy folding as the City Mini 2, but with an adjustable handlebar and wheels with more suspension. This stroller will work really well on uneven surfaces, such as the walkways at Animal Kingdom.

Buy from Amazon

City Mini GT2 Double Stroller - Disney World Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller


The same superior suspension in a double stroller package. The City Mini GT2 Double Stroller fits within Disney World's stroller size requirements.

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Umbrella Strollers

Another great option is to get an umbrella stroller specifically for traveling. A travel stroller is lightweight and doesn’t take as much space folded up. It’s perfect for fitting in a packed car or helping you travel light while flying. These won’t have as much storage space, but they will be much easier to travel with.

UppaBaby G-Lite Stroller – The UppaBaby is an extremely high quality stroller, and comes in at a good price point for the quality of construction. The G-Lite Stroller has an extremely lightweight frame, is easy to fold up, and includes a cup holder and SPF 50+ sunshade. For the simplicity and light design, you trade a little bit of versatility. It only has two recline positions, and the wheels are not as responsive as something like the B-Lively.

UppaBaby also offers a double stroller version called the G-Link 2, which is a great option for a lightweight double stroller for Disney World.

G-LITE Travel Stroller - Lightweight Disney World Stroller

UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller


An extremely lightweight stroller from an excellent brand. If you want a premium umbrella stroller for your Disney World vacation, this is a great option that works with kids up to 55 lbs.

Buy from Amazon

UPPAbaby double stroller for Disney World

UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Stroller


A great option for a premium lightweight double stroller. This isn't exactly the G-LITE as a double stroller — it has multiposition reclining seats and less mesh all around. However, you don't lose an advantage in terms of heaviness. It is just under double the weight of the single G-LITE: 22.3 vs 11.2 lbs.

Buy from Amazon

Summer 3D Mini Stroller – Our go-to recommendation for the most affordable stroller for Disney World. The Summer 3D Mini is as light as the UPPAbaby option at 11 pounds, but for a fraction of the cost. Purchasing this stroller will be cheaper than renting a stroller for more than 3 or 4 days at WDW. It features an adjustable canopy as well as a reclining seat.

Summer 3D Mini - Umbrella Stroller for Disney World

Summer 3D Mini Stroller


Lightweight and affordable option for a WDW stroller, which will be cheaper than most rentals.

Buy from Amazon

Summer 3D Lite Double Stroller

Summer 3Dlite Double Stroller


At 21 lbs, the Summer 3Dlite is a very lightweight and affordable option for a travel double stroller.

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Disney World Stroller Rental Options

Hollywood Studios Stroller Rental Location
The Stroller Rental location at Hollywood Studios is themed to an old-fashioned vehicle service shop.

Official Disney Stroller Rental

You can rent a stroller from Disney for a daily fee. Look out for the Stroller Rentals at the following locations:

  • Magic Kingdom Park Entrance
  • EPCOT: Main Park Entrance, International Gateway Entrance
  • Hollywood Studios: Oscar’s Super Service near the Park Entrance
  • Animal Kingdom: Garden Gate Gifts (to the right immediately after you enter the park)
  • Disney Springs: Sundries, near the bus drop off and Planet Hollywood.

Disney’s Stroller Rates

  • Single Stroller: $15 per day for 1 day, $13 per day for multi-day (length of stay)
  • Double Stroller: $31 per day for 1 day, $27 per day for multi-day (length of stay)

This option is very convenient, as there are stroller pickup locations by the entrance of every park. However, this adds a task every time you enter and exit the park, as you can’t take Disney’s rental strollers out of the parks. Instead, you drop a stroller off when you leave one park, and then use your rental ticket to pick up a new stroller when you enter a new park.

Third Party Stroller Rental Options

Kingdom Strollers Logo

Depending on the length of your stay, a rental from a stroller company can save you money versus renting from Disney. The strollers are also much higher quality. They offer either the same strollers we recommend for Disney World from Baby Jogger and Britax, or very similar models. This is a way to get a premium stroller built for everyday use, but without having to actually bring the stroller to Orlando.

Each of these companies provides free delivery to your hotel, so you won’t need to worry about adding an extra stop to pick up your stroller.

Kingdom Strollers: A popular local Orlando business, Kingdom Strollers is Guide2WDW’s recommended third party stroller rental company for Disney World vacations. They offer our recommended strollers from Baby Jogger and sporty options from Bob. Prices for a single stroller starts at $75 for 4-7 nights. You can also rent cribs, inflatable toddler beds, and scooters. Rentals include rain covers, cooler bags, and parent consoles.  Kingdom Strollers also offers the Freedom Push Chair for children and adults with adaptive needs.

ScooterBug: Providing strollers, wheelchairs, and scooters, ScooterBug is a Disney-approved vendor. With both single and double stroller options, strollers from StrollerBug range from $11.25/day to $25/day on a four day rental. Stroller Bug offers strollers from Britax, Baby Jogger, Bob, and Baby Trend. They also offer a stroller for children and adults with adaptive needs.

ScooterBug provides free delivery to the bell stand of your hotel or resort. They claim to be the only provider to deliver to all Orlando Park Hotels.

Orlando Stroller Rentals: Serving Disney World guests since 2008, Orlando Stroller Rentals can deliver your stroller either to your resort or to the airport. This company carries our two most highly recommended strollers: the Britax B-Lively and Baby Jogger City Mini 2, in both single and double variations. Rentals start at $70 for 4-7 nights, depending on the model you choose.

Rentals include rain covers, parent consoles, and coolers.

Disney World Stroller Tips

Stroller Parking Lot at Magic Kingdom- Disney World

Don’t leave valuable items in your stroller! While it’s tempting to use your stroller storage for everything, it’s unfortunately not a good idea to leave anything valuable in your stroller at Disney World. We’ve had items and the whole stroller stolen before. It’s rare, but it can happen. Don’t leave anything in your stroller that would tempt would-be thieves.

Always park your stroller in the designated stroller “parking lots.” If you park a stroller outside of these designated zones, a cast member will move it, and you might have a hard time finding your stroller.

Put an identifier on your stroller – Want to avoid losing track of your stroller after you park it in the sea of other strollers? Tie a colorful bow on the handle of your stroller, which will make it much easier to spot. This helps especially because Disney World cast members will regularly move strollers around to accommodate for guest flow.

A high tech way to keep track of your stroller. If you have an iPhone, Apple AirTags are a great way to keep track of your stroller. You can geolocate your stroller down to the meter, and you can make the AirTag play a chirping noise if you can’t find it.

Make sure your stroller can fold up easily. You’ll need to be able to fold up your stroller to get on Disney transportation, such as buses, monorails, and the Skyway. It’s one reason we love the Britax B-Lively, which has very easy and quick folding.

Pack a rain cover for your stroller.  In Orlando, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be rain during your vacation. A stroller rain cover  is a great item to pack in your suitcase. They don’t sell these at the parks, and you’ll be so glad that you have one. We made the mistake of not packing one, and it took days for our soggy stroller to fully dry.

For more advice aimed at families, check out our Tips for Taking Kids to Disney World, as well as our Toddler Guide 2 Disney World.

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