If you sensed a disturbance in the Force, it was for good reason. Disneyland’s Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which has only offered a virtual queue since it opened in January 2020, will be moving to a combination of standby queue and virtual queue, according to the OC Register. The OC Register describes this move as a test, which will start on Monday November 22.

Each day, Rise of the Resistance will open with a standby queue. The virtual queue will be implemented later in the day if wait times become too long, but there’s no guarantee that a virtual queue will be used. Disneyland guests should check the Disneyland app each morning at 7 am to see if the Virtual Queue is being used that day at park opening, which we would expect to be used as an option on extremely busy days.

Moving to a hybrid of standby and virtual queue at Disneyland’s Rise of the Resistance could be a best of both worlds for guests. It would give guests the option to wait in a standby line first thing in the day, but also the option to join a virtual queue and avoid an hours-long line only when the standby wait becomes too long.

Back in September, Rise of the Resistance moved to a standby queue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which was described as a “pause” at the time. While many anticipated standby wait times to soar to 5 hours, Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood Studios has seen pretty reasonable wait times for the most popular attraction at Disney World, especially in the evening. With the debut of Lightning Lane and Genie+ at Disney World, it has been somewhat difficult to get a Lightning Lane purchase for Rise of the Resistance, but the standby queue has not been unpaused. Disney Genie and Lightning Lane have not debuted at Disneyland yet, but they are still slated to come to Anaheim “this fall.”

What do you think about this move to a hybrid standby and virtual queue?