Take a unique secret mission through Epcot on the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. Your mission begins at one of the Kim Possible Recruitment Center kiosks, which are located in Future World at Innoventions, the International Gateway, the Odyssey Bridge, as well as in the World Showcase next to Italy, Norway, and the UK. At the recruitment center, you and your party will a Mission Pass, which will tell you when and where you need to go to receive your Kimmunicator.


Once you receive your Kimmunicator, the fun starts. The Kimmunicator, which is basically a mobile phone, will buzz and you will receive messages and clues of where to go to complete your mission. You’ll be asked to find specific locations throughout the countries of the World Showcase. One of the best parts is that the world will actually interact once you find the requested location. Each mission will send you through a series of these events/locations, and there is a great variety to what each mission will have you do, which allows for this attraction to be great on repeat visits.


There is no other attraction like Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure at Disney World, or at any other theme park we’ve been to. It’s entertaining for both kids and adults, and actually gives you more of an incentive to walk around and discover the park. We cannot recommend this attraction highly enough.

Tips and Trivia

  • Try to get your mission ticket as soon as you get into Epcot. While missions don’t start until the World Showcase opens at 11AM, you can get your ticket as soon as Future World opens (which is usually at 9AM). Missions go until 8PM.
  • Missions are varied, and you’ll most likely be sent to different locations each time. If you liked it the first time you went, be sure to check it out again. Kim Possible probably has the highest repeat value of any Walt Disney World attraction.
  • Your mission pass does not preclude you from getting other fastpasses immediately.