Big news, WDW fans! Walt Disney World just announced a huge change to the Genie+ paid line-skipping service. While most changes in recent years have meant that guests pay more, this new change could potentially lighten your vacation budget. Genie+ will feature a new pricing structure starting June 27 that gives guests many more options.

How did Genie+ pricing used to work? One price for all guests.

Genie Lightning Lane Price - Disney World

Up until this change, Genie+ was the same price not matter which park you’re visiting, or if you’re visiting a single park versus park hopping.

Guests paid the same rate for Genie+ regardless of whether they were visiting the Magic Kingdom, with its impressive roster of over 20 Genie+ attractions, or EPCOT, which has a smaller lineup of just 11 Genie+ attractions.

Park hopping was included with Genie+, even if you had a single park ticket.

All of this is about to change.

What is the new Genie+ pricing like? Per-park and multiple park pricing

Genie Plus Per Park and Multi Park Pricing - Disney World News

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The new Genie+ service now has specific per-park pricing, as well as a park hopper price.

While on the surface this may seem like a sneaky strategy for Disney to increase prices, we at Guide2WDW see it differently.

This change is actually an opportunity for WDW guests to pay less, as the multi-park price remains the same as the current Genie+ rate, while the single-park options can be significantly less.

Disney released a sample of the new pricing, with the anticipated rates for June 27.

  • Multiple parks: $27
  • Magic Kingdom only: $27
  • EPCOT only: $18
  • Hollywood Studios only: $24
  • Animal Kingdom only: $16

So, if you’re planning a day exclusively at the Animal Kingdom, you could pocket a saving of $11 per person.

Just like how Genie+ works now, prices will vary from day-to-day.

Disney World’s Genie+ Update – Official Statement

Here’s Disney’s full statement announcing the change.

“As we recently shared, we are working on ways to simplify the Disney Genie+ service, including offering the ability to plan before the day of your visit, which many Guests have asked for. We plan to share more news in the future, but in the meantime, we also want to improve the experience for guests using the service as it exists today, so we will be making an update as we continue to listen to guests.

Beginning June 27, Guests at Walt Disney World will now purchase Disney Genie+ service based on how they want to visit. Guests will be able to select either a single-park option or a multiple-parks option, subject to availability. With this update, prices may now be lower at some Walt Disney World theme parks compared to others. Guests will continue to be able to purchase Disney Genie+ service through the My Disney Experience app on the day of their visit.

We will continue to listen to guest feedback, and look forward to sharing more information about updates to Disney Genie+ in the future.”

Guide2WDW’s Take

While this adds another level of complexity to an already complex system in Genie+, this move actually gives guests a lot of flexibility. One of the questions we try to answer in our Lightning Lane guides is “Is Genie+ Worth It?” And it really depended on which park you were visiting and if you were park hopping. By lowering the price for people only visiting one park per day, that answer comes closer to “yes” in more scenarios.

One way to look at this is that Disney is offering a 33% discount on Genie+ if you’re visiting EPCOT and a 40% discount if you’re visiting Animal Kingdom. And we always love to see Disney World discounts here.

It’s another sign that Disney is hearing guest feedback and making adjustments to improve guest satisfaction.

Genie+ FAQs

1. What is the Genie+ Service?
The Genie+ Service is a feature that allows you to skip the regular queue line at many attractions across Walt Disney World Resort by accessing the Lightning Lane. You can read all about it here in our Guide 2 Disney Genie, which we will be updating with this new information shortly.

2. How much does Genie+ cost now?
Genie+ pricing will vary from day to day, based on demand and anticipated crowds. Disney released this sample of the park-specific pricing: $27 for multiple parks or Magic Kingdom only, $18 for EPCOT, $24 for Hollywood Studios, and $16 for Animal Kingdom.

3. Doesn’t this mean that Genie is now charging more for park hopping?
No, not really. Disney confirmed that the multiple parks pricing will be the same as the current Genie+ prices. You can look at this as Disney introducing new single-park-only tiers that will mostly cost less. In fact, depending on which park you visit, you might end up paying up to 40% less than before.

4. How can I purchase the Genie+ service?
You can purchase the Genie+ service through the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit.

5. Will there be more changes to the Genie+ service?
Disney has already announced that more changes will be coming to Genie+, such as advanced Lightning Lane reservations. Stay tuned!

Remember, at Guide2WDW, we’re always here to help you navigate the world of Walt Disney World Resort. Keep an eye on our site for all the latest updates and tips to make your visit truly magical!