In our Guide 2 Disney Genie, we’re showing you all of the ways Disney Genie can help you during your day at Disney World or Disneyland. One of the biggest changes to the Disney Park-going experience is the inclusion of Genie+, which lets you pay to skip the lines at many of the attractions. In case you missed it, we explain everything you need to know about Genie+ here, including the differences between Individual Lightning Lane and Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations.

This guide includes a brief overview, plus a step-by-step guide on how to purchase Genie+

Update 5-18-2022Disney World just announced significant changes to how Genie+ works starting June 8, 2022. Guests will no longer be able to buy Genie+ in advanced at Disney World.

Update 10-11-2022Disney World and Disneyland have changed the pricing structure for Genie+. Also, Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure has been added to California Adventure’s Genie+ lineup.

How much does Genie+ cost?

As of October 2022, Genie+ now has variable pricing depending on the date.

At Disney World, Genie+ starts at $15 per person per day for the least busy days of the year. Prices will go up to as expensive as $22 per day during October 2022 for busy days. Prices are expected to be even more expensive during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At Disneyland, Genie+ is $25 per person per day for advanced purchases. Same day purchases will be variable based on the date, and will start at $25 per day. (You are unable to pre-purchase Genie+ at Disney World.)

For reference, Genie+ used to cost $15/day at Disney World, and $20/day at Disneyland.

What’s included in Genie+?

The main feature of Genie+ is that it give you access to Lightning Lane at many attractions at each park. Both Disney World and Disneyland now also have access to PhotoPass Lenses, which are Snapchat-style picture filters. At Disney World, you also get access to some audio content. At Disneyland, PhotoPass pictures are included as well.

How to sign up for Genie+

You can sign up for Genie+ through the MyDisneyExperience app or Disneyland app. In our guide explaining how to enroll in Disney Genie, we explain all the steps it takes to download the app, make a Disney account, and sign up for Genie. For more information, refer to that guide.

At Disney World, Genie+ purchases can be made starting at 12:00 AM each day.

At Disneyland, you can pre-purchase Genie+ when you buy your ticket. Alternatively, you can purchase Genie+ once you’ve entered the theme park via the Disneyland app.

To purchase the Disney Genie+ add on, go to the Disney Genie section of the MyDisneyExperience app or Disneyland app. You can do this a few ways:

  • On the home page, there’s a banner highlighting Disney Genie Service. You can press the “Summon Disney Genie” button to get started.
  • Press the Plus button in the middle of the bottom menu bar to bring up a list of actions. Press the “View my Genie Day and Tip Board” to go to Genie within the app.
  • Press the three lines (also known as a hamburger menu) on the bottom right of the menu bar. You should select “Tip Board” to access Disney Genie.

Next, go to the My Day tab of Disney Genie. There, you’ll see a purple box that says “Take Your Day to the Next Level. Get Disney Genie+ Service.” Tap that box.

Genie+ Signup - Disney Genie Guide

You’ll then see an overview of what’s included with Genie+.

Genie+ - Sign Up Screen

Press the “Get Disney Genie+ Service” button to start the purchase process. You’ll select your party, and then confirm the purchase.

Genie+ Confirm Your Party Genie+ Confirm Purchase Screen

Purchasing Genie+ with Your Tickets

Note: Disney World has announced that you will no longer be able to purchase Genie+ in advance with your tickets starting June 8, 2022. After that date, guests will have to purchase Genie+ on the same day of their visit. If you previously purchased a ticket with an add-on for a date after June 8, you’ll still be able to use that for Genie+.

At Disneyland, you can add Genie+ to your park tickets at point of purchase. For example, if you purchase tickets on the Disneyland website, after you select your tickets, you will be prompted to add on Genie+. That way Genie+ will already be activated when you go to the parks, and you don’t need to go through the steps listed above. The one downside to this is that it purchases Genie+ for every day of your ticket. So if you have a 5-day ticket, that will add $125 to your ticket. There’s no way to only buy 4 days of Genie+ for a 5 day ticket. If you want the flexibility to have Genie+ on some days but not others, you should purchase it each day through the app.

However, as I mentioned above, Genie+ has variable pricing for same day purchases at Disneyland. If you plan on using Genie+ every day of your vacation, you will get the best value by pre-purchasing Genie+ for $25 per day per ticket.

Disney Genie+ Ticket Add On

That’s all it takes! Now you’ll be ready to make Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations, which is what we tackle in the next section of the Guide 2 Disney Genie. You can find all of our Disney Genie guides listed below.

As a side note, while taking these screenshots, none of these people who I could purchase Disney Genie+ for had a park reservation for this day. It could have been funkiness with the app, or it might be possible to make a park reservation after purchasing Genie+. If you are purchasing Genie+, I would recommend that you make sure that you have a park reservation first, since you don’t want to make a purchase for a day you can’t go into the parks. Genie+ is non-refundable, so you’ll want to be sure you can use it if you’re going to purchase it.

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