Disney World has announced two big changes coming to Genie+ starting on June 8. One effects how you purchase Genie+, and the second implies that Genie+ could sell out on certain days.

Here’s how these changes will affect your Disney World vacation.

Change 1: Genie+ will only be available to purchase on the day of visit

Guests will no longer be able to add Genie+ to their ticket ahead of time. Also, guests will not be able to purchase Genie+ for their entire vacation in one single transaction.

Instead, guests who want to buy Genie+ will have to purchase it on the day they want to use it. So guests who want to use Genie+ every day of a week-long vacation will have to purchase Genie+ each day of their trip. We recommend buying Genie+ before you go into the parks (and before 7 am) to get the most out of it.

If you have already purchased Genie+ as an add-on prior to this announcement, this change will not affect your purchase. You’ll still be able to use Genie+ without having to purchase it each day.

Change 2: Genie+ will be “subject to availability.”

Disney World had previously said that Genie+ could not sell out. However, Lightning Lane has a limited availability at each attraction, and Disney has struggled to provide enough inventory to satisfy guests purchasing Genie+ on busy days. Disney has already tried to lower expectations on how many rides you can get with Genie+.

Now it seems like Disney is leaving the door open to another option to help with guest satisfaction: limit Genie+ availability per day. This way Lightning Lane availability won’t get swamped by demand if too many guests purchase Genie+ in a day.

This seems like a better option for guests purchasing Genie+, as it would allow the average number of attractions to tick up. It would also prevent guests from wasting money on Genie+ and only getting one or two attractions with it.

Of course, this is only if Disney decides to limit the number of Genie+ slots per day. We only know that Disney has changed the verbiage around Genie+ availability. We’ll see if this really has meaning if Genie+ ever sells out in a day.

These changes only affect Disney World and do not affect Disneyland.

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