If you’ve never been to Disney World, you might think getting to the Magic Kingdom is as simple as rolling up to the parking lot and walking through the turnstiles. But it turns out that “How do I get to Magic Kingdom?” is a surprisingly complex question. As Magic Kingdom is positioned in front of the Seven Seas Lagoon, it does not have a parking lot right in front of it. So you will have to do a combination of driving, walking, boating, and/or monorailing to leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.  

This entry in our Guide 2 Disney World Transportation will show you all the ways you can get to Magic Kingdom, whether you are staying at a Disney Resort and only using Disney transportation, driving your own car, or using an Uber or Lyft. 

Update 11-18-2022: Updated with additional information about how to get to Magic Kingdom if you’re driving, including a tip about why not to just use Google Maps or Apple Maps.

What Is Magic Kingdom’s Address?

1180 Seven Seas Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836

How to Get to Magic Kingdom If You’re Driving Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza - Disney World Transportation

First, you’ll have to drive to the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza, which is located at 3450 World Dr, Winter Garden, FL 34787. From there, you park at the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC), which is located at 1151 Seven Seas Drive, Orlando, FL 32836.

Transportation TipIf you just enter Magic Kingdom into Google Maps or Apple Maps, it will tell you to keep to the left two lanes as you approach the Magic Kingdom toll plaza. Don’t do this! Taking the two leftmost lanes will take you to the Magic Kingdom resorts, like the Contemporary, the Polynesian, and the Grand Floridian. Stay in the middle lanes and approach the giant toll plaza with a “Magic Kingdom” sign on top (pictured above). If you miss the toll plaza and take the leftmost exit, you’ll be able to loop around and get back onto World Drive.

After parking at the TTC, you will board a vehicle that will take you directly to the park’s entrance. From there, you can take a boat, a monorail, or a bus (which runs on busier days) to the entrance of the park. Personally, I would choose either the monorail or the boat, as it is a more fun way to start your day at Magic Kingdom. But whichever has the shortest line is usually the way to go.

In summary:

  • Go through Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza
  • Park at the TTC parking lot
  • Take a tram or walk from your parking spot to TTC’s main plaza
  • Take a boat, monorail, bus to Magic Kingdom entrance

Magic Kingdom Monorail

Transportation Tip: There are two monorail lines that go from the TTC to Magic Kingdom: The Express Line (which stops at TTC and Magic Kingdom only) and the Resort Line (which stops at TTC, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Magic Kingdom, and Contemporary in that order). The resort line has two stops from the TTC to Magic Kingdom entrance, but there is usually a shorter line to get on it versus the express monorail. If there’s a huge line for the express monorail, jump on the resort monorail to save some time. This also works for returning to the TTC.

Can I walk from the TTC?

Technically yes, but it will be a long walk. You can walk from the TTC to the Polynesian Village Resort, and keep walking from there to the Grand Floridian Resort, and then use the pedestrian path from Grand Floridian to the park’s entrance. Our rough estimate is that it would be about a 1.5 mile walk from the TTC to Magic Kingdom using this path. 

How much does it cost to park at Magic Kingdom?

Parking at Magic Kingdom is $25 per car per day for regular parking. For preferred parking, you’ll have to pay $50 per car per day. Certain Annual Passes and DVC members do not have to pay for parking.

How to Get to Magic Kingdom If You’re Staying at Contemporary, Grand Floridian, or Polynesian Village Resort

Magic Kingdom - Resort Launches If it’s within your budget and Magic Kingdom is your biggest priority, staying at one of these deluxe resorts is amazing due to their proximity. You’ll have a lot of convenient options for getting to the park, and it’s very easy to take a break in the middle of the day and go back to your room. You’ll have a few options on how to get to Magic Kingdom from these three resorts:

  • Resort Monorail: Each resort has a monorail station connected to the main building (in the case of the Contemporary, it’s inside the main building).
  • Boats (Grand Floridian or Polynesian): Both Grand Floridian and Polynesian offer a boat that will take you to and from the Magic Kingdom entrance.
  • Walking: Both Contemporary and Grand Floridian offer a sidewalk/pedestrian walkway that will take you from the resort to the Magic Kingdom. You can also walk from Polynesian using the Grand Floridian’s walkway, but it will be a longer walk.
Magic Kingdom Walkway to Grand Floridian
The walkway from Magic Kingdom to Grand Floridian is lovely.

How to Get to Magic Kingdom If You’re Staying at Wilderness Lodge or Fort Wilderness

Like Grand Floridan or Polynesian, both of these resorts also offer water transportation via boat to the Magic Kingdom entrance. Both resorts also offer a bus that will drop you off at the bus station outside the park’s entrance.

How to Get to Magic Kingdom If You’re Staying at a Disney Resort or a Good Neighbor Resort

Your resort will offer a bus directly to Magic Kingdom. It will drop you off at the bus station. It is a short walk from here to Magic Kingdom’s main entrance. Check with your resort on the specific schedule. At Disney Resorts, busses will start running 45 minutes prior to park opening and end running one hour after park closing. Disney’s on-property resorts usually run more busses than the Good Neighbor resorts, which might only run once an hour. The busses can add a lot of travel time, so be sure to factor that into your plans or try to drive or take an Uber if possible to save time.

Mickey Topiary at TTC in front of Epcot monorail sign. How to Get to Magic Kingdom  If You’re Coming from Epcot

Take the monorail from in front of Epcot’s main entrance to the TTC. Then transfer to the monorail, ferry, or bus to Magic Kingdom’s entrance. 

How to Get to Magic Kingdom If You’re Coming from Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom

Take the Magic Kingdom bus at the bus pickup in front of each park. It will drop you off at the bus station in front of Magic Kingdom.

How to Get to Magic Kingdom If You’re Coming from Disney Springs

You can take the bus from Disney Springs to the Contemporary Resort or Grand Floridian Resort. From there, you can walk to the Magic Kingdom entrance via the pedestrian walkways.

Magic Kingdom Minnie Van Drop Off and Pickup Location

Disney Minnie Van - Magic Kingdom Drop Off Location

Minnie Vans are Disney World’s official on-demand ride share vehicles that service official WDW properties. They cost more than a typical Uber or Lyft, but one of the big advantages is that they can drop you off and pick you up closer to the theme park entrances.

The Magic Kingdom Minnie Van drop off is much closer to the park entrance than the regular ride share drop off location. The Minnie Van drop off zone is near where the Disney busses drop off, just a short walk from the park’s entrance. You can see it as the pink pin on the map above. The ride share drop off zone is at the TTC, which is the lower pink dot in the map above, all the way across the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Minnie Vans service official Disney World hotels, theme parks, and Disney Springs. You can summon a Minnie Van through the Lyft app. Find out more about how to ride in a Minnie Van in our guide.

Can I take an Uber or Lyft to get to Magic Kingdom?

Yes! It will drop you off at the designated ride share drop-off and pickup at the TTC. From there, you can take a monorail, boat, or bus to the park’s entrance.

Can I take the Skyliner to get to Magic Kingdom?

The Skyliner does not go directly to Magic Kingdom. You could technically take the Skyliner to get to Epcot, walk all the way from the back of the park to the front, exit the park, get on the monorail to go to the TTC, then go from the TTC to Magic Kingdom. OR you could take the Skyliner and stop at any of the resorts or Hollywood Studios and then take the bus from there to Magic Kingdom. But that would not be a very efficient way to get to Magic Kingdom.

The Guide 2 Disney World Transportation

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