Does Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance give riders motion sickness? Thousands of guests every day will wait hours in line (or pay for Lightning Lane) to experience Disney World’s best ride. This adventure through a galaxy far, far away is unlike anything else. It’s completely massive, and it combines multiple ride systems to create surprising and exhilarating moments. It’s an incredible ride that lives up to the hype.

But guests who suffer from motion sickness might be worried that Rise of the Resistance will make them sick. Especially because Disney puts a motion sickness disclaimer on the sign outside the ride.

If you’re one of those guests wondering if Rise of the Resistance is too intense for you, I have good news. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance should not make you sick. Now, I say that with a caveat that everyone is different. But I’ve heard from multiple people who suffer from motion sickness, and they’ve unanimously reported having a great time on the ride with no issues.

Why is that? Here’s a bit more about the ride systems, and why most guests shouldn’t have an issue. However, Disney does include some categories of guests that should proceed with caution.

There will be minor spoilers for Rise of the Resistance going forward.

How intense is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance?

Rise of the Resistance - Disney World and Disneyland Rise

What can you expect from Rise of the Resistance? First of all, here is how Disney World describes Rise of the Resistance on the disclaimer sign outside the ride’s entrance (emphasis added):



That disclaimer sounds intense, so you might be worried at this point. But where does the rapid motion, sudden stops, sharp turns, and a swift drop come into play? Rise of the Resistance combines four different ride systems at different times.

  • Walk-through attraction: Part of the experience is walking through some Star Wars areas as the story progresses. As you are walking, there is nothing on this portion that would make anyone feel sick.
  • Motion Simulator: There are two brief motion simulator sequences during Rise of the Resistance. The first one is towards the beginning of the experience, and it features very minor movement. It’s similar to standing on a bus or subway that’s moving slowly. The second motion simulator is toward the end, and it lasts roughly 30 seconds. This one has a bit more movement, but it’s much milder than something like Star Tours or Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run.
  • Trackless Ride System: This is the majority of the ride portion of Rise of the Resistance. You get in a vehicle that moves at a brisk pace, but isn’t fast by any means. Because it’s trackless, the vehicle will move in somewhat unpredictable patterns. Moving forward, stopping, moving backwards, then turning suddenly. The movement is very smooth, and I haven’t heard of anyone having any issues with the vehicle’s intensity. Disney’s description of sudden stops and sharp turns make it sound more intense than it actually is. This is a very approachable ride system, especially for those who do not like thrill rides.
  • Drop Ride: You might be surprised by the “swift drop” part of the ride description. It comes in toward the end of the ride. There is one small drop, roughly about 10-20 feet. To put that in context, Tower of Terror has a 130 foot drop. It definitely gives you a brief feeling in your stomach as you drop down, but it is much milder in comparison to Tower of Terror.

As an anecdote, my wife cannot go on motion simulators like Flight of Passage or Star Tours without feeling sick. She also has issues with drop rides like Tower of Terror. She had no issues whatsoever with these elements of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Part of it is how brief or mild these segments are. The drop is quick and short, and the motion simulator segment at the end was over before she started feeling any issues. I’ve talked to a few other people who have had the exact same experience.

I also believe that the vast majority of guests should have no issue with the trackless ride system. “Rapid motion, sudden stops, and sharp turns” are more intense descriptions than reality. The ride vehicle is swift and smooth, and you shouldn’t feel jerked or spun around. I would categorize Rise of the Resistance as having many mild thrills, but it is not an intense ride.

If you want to know exactly what to expect, here’s a full ride through video (although I’d strongly suggest avoiding watching if you can. The surprises are some of the best parts of the ride):

Of course, if you have any medical conditions listed above, you should consult with your doctor about which rides will be best for you at Disney World.

But if you’re in good health and you are just worried about the intensity of Rise of the Resistance, I would encourage you to give the ride a shot. It’s one of Disney World’s most approachable rides with a height requirement.

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