Is Space 220 at EPCOT worth it? With an out-of-this-world dining room, Space 220 quickly became one of Disney World’s buzziest restaurants. It’s also become one of the hardest restaurants to get a dining reservation for at WDW. Why? Because this restaurant gives Disney World guests the unique opportunity to feel like they’re dining in space. In this review, we’ll explore the intricacies of the reservation process, the space-themed experience, and the food that awaits you at Space 220.

When Space 220 was announced, it immediately captured my imagination. EPCOT has always been my favorite park at WDW, and the ability to dine in space just felt like one of those experiences that could have been in the park since it opened. The idea of a restaurant that was also simulating a space station just hits that edutainment sweet spot that I love about EPCOT. Plus, Disney World, space, and food have been three of my biggest obsessions for most of my life. So it felt like this was a restaurant specifically designed to cater to my interests.

My family planned a Disney World trip that came just before my birthday. After hearing me go on and on about this restaurant since Disney announced it, my wife Bethany wanted to take me to dinner here for my birthday. I was thrilled.

But also, a little stressed. Because that meant that we had to get a dining reservation as early as possible.

Reservations at Space 220

Space 220 - Lobby Sign

Securing a reservation for Space 220 is no easy feat. As the demand for this EPCOT restaurant is extremely high, it’s crucial to book a reservation as early as you can.

By getting up extremely early 60 days ahead the start of our WDW trip, I managed to snag a reservation for our final day at Disney World. However, it almost didn’t happen. I ran into an error with WDW’s online reservation system and couldn’t book reservations for my vacation despite having a hotel reservation linked to my account. A phone call to the Disney World reservation line saved the day, but I was surprised when the Cast Member on the line was a bit shocked and thrilled to find this reservation for me. “Wow, I’ve never actually seen a reservation for Space 220 available!”

Needless to say, you should act fast to secure your spot in the Space Station.

The Space 220 Experience

Space 220 - Stellarvator Exit - Disney World Dining ReviewSpace 220 is much more than just a restaurant; it’s an adventure that begins the moment you set foot in the lobby, located adjacent to Mission: Space. It’s a bit surprising that an out-of-this-world experience awaits you when you walk up to the check-in station. Because Space 220 is built just to the side of Mission: Space, it feels almost like you’re walking up to an alley where restrooms and water fountains would be located.

Space 220 - Stellarvator View - Disney World Dining Review

But once you walk in the lobby, the unique and immersive experience begins. Your party is handed a boarding ticket, and shortly you step on board the Stellarvator, which simulates going 220 miles above earth into this space station. The effect is very cool, accomplished through screens on the ceiling and floor and special lighting effects. Don’t worry: there’s no actual motion in this room. If you are worried about motion sickness from rides with screens, you can just look away from the windows. This experience takes about a minute, but it really sells the idea that you’re journeying into space.

From the rotating hydroponic tube near the Stellarvator exit to the signs in the restrooms, the restaurant has top notch theming.

Space 220 - Dining Room 2 - Disney World Dining Review

But let’s talk about the view, because that’s the biggest draw of Space 220.

The window screens do an incredible job of selling the idea that you have been transported to a space station. The panoramic windows show a partial view of Earth. Our dinner was at 5:30, and we dined during sunset. This was lucky timing, as we got to see the world slowly darken and lights turn on. It was a really incredible effect. I would recommend trying to get a reservation just before sunset so you can see the window in both day and night mode.

Space 220 - Dining Room Spaceship in Window- Disney World Dining There are also a number of short, whimsical scenes that take place in space. You’ll see asteroids whizz by, starships flying, and astronauts floating around. One of my favorite vignettes was a child astronaut playing with a toy X-Wing. It gives you plenty to look at during your meal, but it’s not overwhelming or distracting.

The Food and Drinks at Space 220

Dinner at Space 220 is a prix-fixe three-course meal, including an appetizer, entree, and dessert. The menu features a variety of delicious options that cater to different tastes and dietary restrictions. Here’s everything that my wife and I ordered for our meal.


Space 220 - Cocktails - Disney World Dining Review

The Nebula: (Pictured on the left). I ordered this cocktail, which consists of Maker’s Mark, Pineapple, Honey, Passion Fruit, Angostura Bitters. The Nebula is a fruity, fun, sci-fi take on a tiki drink with a hint of sophistication. Highly recommended.

Orion Old Fashion: (Pictured on the right).While an Old Fashioned is usually my go-to drink, Bethany ordered this unique twist on the classic cocktail. It features chocolate bitters and Four Roses Bourbon. It’s a very good Old Fashioned, bringing elegance to the Space 220 experience.

While being very different from each other, both cocktails were great. We ordered two each (hey, it was a special occasion).


Space 220 - Blue Moon Cauliflower - Disney World Dining Review

Blue Moon Cauliflower – Houston, we have lift-off! With Tempura Fried Cauliflower, Housemade Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese Dust, this was so incredibly good. It was crunchy from the tempura batter, a little sweet from the cauliflower, and featured a pleasant level of heat. This is one of the best appetizers I’ve ever had at Disney World.

Space 220 - Big Bang Burrata - Disney World Dining Review

Big Bang Burrata: A light, bright dish featuring high-quality Burrata di Mozzarella, grilled artichoke hearts, and sunflower seed Romesco. Bethany ordered this due to her gluten allergy.

In my personal opinion, the Blue Moon Cauliflower was the standout dish. But the Burrata was definitely also expertly prepared and satisfying.


Space 220 - Duck - Disney World Dining ReviewSpace Glazed Duck Breast: A fruity, sweet dish with tender duck, fried jasmine rice, asparagus, and orange hoisin sauce. I ordered this to pair with my pineapple cocktail, and it was a great call. Duck is really hit or miss for me, but this was a big hit.

Space 220 - Filet Mignon - Disney World Dining Review

Filet Mignon: A perfectly prepared steak with creamy mashed potatoes, haricot vert, and red wine reduction. Bethany really enjoyed this as a upscale culinary finale to our Disney World vacation.

Both of our entrees were excellent, and we made a good decision picking main courses that paired well with our cocktails. Bethany got a classic steakhouse experience, while I got to experience something a bit more tropical.


Space 220 - Chocolate Cheesecake - Disney World Dining Review

Chocolate Cheesecake: I ordered this indulgent treat with whipped chocolate ganache, chocolate sauce, and various chocolate accents. This dessert was incredible – worth the long and arduous journey to space. Okay, I woke up early one morning to make a reservation and then took a fake elevator. Whatever the journey, the destination was well worth it.

Space 220 - Panna Cotta - Disney World Dining ReviewPanna Cotta: A lighter, gluten-free option topped with berries and a space-inspired sugar sculpture. This option was not on the menu, but it was really great that Space 220 had an option to accommodate for Bethany’s gluten allergy.

While the panna cotta didn’t quite shine as bright as the stellar cheesecake, both desserts were a fitting finale to our Space 220 adventure.

The Toddler Meal

Space 220 - Plants - Disney World Dining Review

I haven’t mentioned my toddler yet in this review, but he was there too! Griffin loves space and the moon, so I was expecting him to be amazed by the space window. He was much more interested in watching Ms. Rachel on his iPad. That just goes to show you can never really predict how a two year old will react.

He did really like the Stellarator and the rotating hydroponic tube. He also devoured his free mac and cheese.

Space 220 - Toddler Mac and Cheese- Disney World Dining Review

I wasn’t sure about this, but children under 3 do dine for free at Space 220, like at some other Disney World restaurants. This was a relief, as I didn’t want to pay over $40 for a three course meal that he would eat very little of.

That having been said, the portion of mac and cheese was extremely generous, and Griffin enjoyed his time in space almost as much as his dad.

Other Observations

  • The meal took well over two hours. It was nice that we didn’t feel rushed, but also keep this in mind as you plan your Disney World vacation.
  • The three course dinner menu is a ton of food. I left absolutely stuffed.
  • The service was good, but our waiter did seem a little stressed out. This was really the only slight drawback to an otherwise leisurely and enjoyable meal.

Is Space 220 Worth It?

Space 220 - Nebula - Disney World Dining Review

With a price tag of over $300 for a dinner for two including two rounds of drinks, Space 220 is an undeniably an expensive experience.

However, considering the unique atmosphere and exceptional food, I definitely think that it’s worth the splurge for a special occasion. As a birthday dinner, I was thrilled with the entire Space 220 experience.

Space 220 - Lounge - Disney World Dining Review

However, it is a shame that this stellar Disney dining experience is so hard to obtain. It’s pricey, and the reservations are extremely hard to get. I would recommend trying to get a reservation for the lounge if you’re looking for a way to have this experience without paying well over $200 for a meal. In the lounge, you can order items a la carte, which means you could easily get a drink and an appetizer while still enjoying the incredible atmosphere. The “lounge” area is located inside the main dining room. You are just sitting on the top platform, not as close to the window. While a seat next to the window is probably the most coveted, this will give you a nice view of the entire restaurant and the panoramic window.

As a culinary odyssey beyond the atmosphere, Space 220 ranks among my favorite Disney World dining experiences, and I would gladly return.

Space 220 – Guide2WDW Review Recap

Space 220 - Entrance - Disney World Dining Review

Space 220 at EPCOT is a stellar experience, from the lobby to the elevator that launches you into space. With a wide array of unique drinks, appetizers, and entrees, and desserts, the culinary experience at Space 220 lives up to the out-of-this-world dining room. Standout items include Tempura Cauliflower and the Chocolate Cheesecake.

For most people, we recommend getting a drink and an appetizer in the lounge, as it will give you the experience for a fraction of the cost. Otherwise, Space 220 is definitely worth it as a unique special occasion restaurant at Disney World.