Walt Disney World has four amazing theme parks. You can transport yourself to the worlds of Fantasy, Yesterday, and Tomorrow at the Magic Kingdom. You can take a trip around the world in an afternoon at EPCOT. You can blast off to a Galaxy Far, Far Away at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can go on a safari and soar above Pandora at Animal Kingdom. Each park has unique rides and attractions that make for an awesome experience, no matter where you go.

But which Disney World park has the most rides and attractions?

In this article, I’m going to break down each WDW park by the numbers. I’ll compare each theme park at Disney World, showing you the number of rides, the number of total attractions, and the different categories of rides in each park.

The Disney World Theme Park with the Most Rides

Magic Kingdom - 50th Anniversary Castle Decor

First of all, there is a slight distinction between ride and attraction, even though many people use the terms interchangeably. A ride features some sort of vehicle that moves a guest. When I talk about rides, I’m including roller coasters like Space Mountain, boat rides like Navi River Journey, dark rides like Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and car rides like Test Track. If you move while you’re on it, it counts as a ride. That’s why Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom is included as a ride, because the theater seating actually rotates and moves the audience.

All rides count as attractions. But there are certain attractions like shows or walk through exhibits that don’t count as rides. For a full list, check out our ranking of every ride at Disney World.

Here are how many rides each park has at Disney World:

  • Magic Kingdom: 24 rides
  • EPCOT: 10 rides
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 9 rides
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: 7 rides

Magic Kingdom by far has the most number of rides, with a whopping 24 total rides. Magic Kingdom is Disney World’s most popular park, and its vast ride lineup is one of the reasons why it draws so many guests. It’s also Disney World’s oldest park, having opened in 1971. There is a correlation between how old the park is and how many rides the park features.

EPCOT’s total number of rides is about to go up to 11, with the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in May 2022.

The Disney World Theme Park with the Most Attractions

Spaceship Earth - Disney World

Like I mentioned above, a Disney World attraction includes rides, but also shows, fireworks, character meet and greets, interactive exhibits, and more. It’s a broader definition of anything to do while you’re visiting the parks at WDW.

For this counting, I’m going to include anything that Disney lists as an attraction or entertainment in the Disney World app — with a little bit of editorial oversight (Cinderella Castle is great, but it shouldn’t count as an attraction). While it’s not completely all encompassing (tasting international sodas at Club Cool should count as an attraction in my book), it does give a good comparison of which park has the most stuff to do.

Here are how many attractions each park has at Disney World:

  • Magic Kingdom: 47 total attractions
  • EPCOT: 49 total attractions
  • Hollywood Studios: 24 total attractions
  • Animal Kingdom: 36 total attractions

EPCOT has the most number of attractions offered by Disney. Why? EPCOT’s attraction list is boosted by a plethora of movies, exhibits, and live performances throughout the park, as well as the most number of character appearances throughout World Showcase. So while EPCOT doesn’t have as many rides as Magic Kingdom, it makes up for it with these other unique activities.

A few notes: I counted the Sea Base aquarium in EPCOT as one attraction, even though Disney lists out the exhibits as different attractions. Similarly, I counted the walking trails at Animal Kingdom as one attraction each, rather than include every animal inside the trail like Disney does in the app.

Kinds of rides and attractions in each Disney World Park

Millennium Falcon - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Magic Kingdom Attractions by Category

  • Roller Coasters: 4
  • Dark Rides: 5
  • Boat Rides: 4
  • Flume Rides: 1
  • Aerial Carousels: 3
  • Flat Spinner: 1
  • Carousels: 1
  • Interactive Game: 2
  • Vehicle/Transportation: 4
  • Walkthrough / Playground: 3
  • Shows: 9
  • Character Meet & Greets: 3
  • Parades / Cavalcades: 3
  • Nighttime Entertainment: 2
  • Live Performers: 2

EPCOT Attractions by Category

  • Thrill Ride: 1
  • Dark Rides 3
  • Boat Rides: 3
  • Simulator: 1
  • Interactive Games: 3
  • Playground: 1
  • Shows / Movies: 8
  • Exhibit: 7
  • Aquarium: 1
  • Characters: 10
  • Nighttime Entertainment: 2
  • Live Performers: 9

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attractions by Category

  • Roller Coasters: 2
  • Thrill Ride: 1
  • Dark Rides: 2
  • Simulators: 2
  • Flat Spinner: 1
  • Shows / Movies: 6
  • Exhibits: 2
  • Cavalcades: 1
  • Character Meet & Greets: 4
  • Nighttime Entertainment: 3

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attractions by Category

  • Roller Coasters: 1
  • Simulators: 1
  • Thrill Ride: 1
  • Safari Ride: 1
  • Aerial Carousel: 1
  • Vehicle / Transportation: 1
  • Boat Rides: 1
  • River Rapid Rides: 1
  • Shows: 5
  • Animal Walking Trails: 4
  • Interactive Exhibits: 5
  • Playground: 1
  • Train Ride: 1
  • Character Meet & Greets: 1
  • Cavalcades: 4
  • Live Performers: 5
  • Nighttime Entertainment: 2

Now you know that Magic Kingdom has the most rides and roller coasters and EPCOT has the most attractions. However, that’s just part of the story. Stay tuned to the rest of our Disney World Ride Guide, which will give you recommendations on which of these rides and attractions you should prioritize.

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