Expedition Everest is one of the best roller coasters at Disney World. The popular and adventurous coaster in Animal Kingdom’s Asia section will reopen to the public tomorrow, April 16. And when it reopens, the attraction’s Lightning Lane access will work differently from when it closed.

Roller Coaster Refurbished, Yeti Still Busted

Expedition Everest closed earlier this year for a lengthy refurbishment. The closure was extended once, but the ride is now operational and ready for guests once again. The refurbishment did not fix the Yeti animatronic, which has been not working for many years at this point. Former Imagineer Joe Rohde has been commenting for years about the complexity of fixing the Yeti:

Most likely, because the Yeti is attached the the frame/foundation of the Expedition Everest show building, it would require a closure that lasts much longer than this year’s refurbishment.

Expedition Everest is now available on Genie+

Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom Attraction

The other big news from Expedition Everest reopening is that it is being converted to Genie+, at least temporarily. As I predicted when Disney converted three other major attractions to Genie+, Expedition Everest is also being moved from Individual Lightning Lane to Genie+ until August 7, 2022.

I still believe that Disney should (and will) keep Expedition Everest in this tier after that deadline. As I pointed out in our Animal Kingdom Lightning Lane Guide, Expedition Everest is a bad deal for Individual Lightning Lane due to relatively short waits and Single Rider. Also, Genie+ needs as much ride capacity as possible, since Disney recently updated their Genie+ language to lower expectations. I will be updating that guide to reflect Expedition Everest’s new Genie+ status later today.

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